The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2802

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2802-There had never been fairness or justice in this world where the strongest reigned supreme.

To survive in this cruel world, one must constantly increase one’s strength.

James was a firm believer in this.

From the humans of the Three- Thousand Sealed Realms to the Foreigners who all came to Earth uninvited, they had been bullying the natives on Earth since the very beginning.

If he had not resolved the crisis through his strength, humans on Earth would have already been enslaved.

Thus, he had no objections to seizing the others’ War Orders.

As they entered the city, a group of people immediately walked toward them.

“James…” came a voice.

James turned around and saw a few familiar faces— Marcello and Jace of the Demon Realm’s Azurean Clan.

Beside them were a few unfamiliar faces.

However, they exuded terrifying auras.

It was apparent that they were prodigies of the Azurean Clan.

Marcello swiftly walked toward them and asked, “How did it go? Did you find any War Orders?”

The moment Marcello asked, James immediately knew that word had spread.

He said, “I got one by chance, but someone stole it.”

“What?” Jace froze.

He knew of James’ strength.

Among the living beings competing for the third providence, he was certainly ranked in the top twenty.

Who exactly was capable of seizing his belongings?


James wore a bitter smile as he said, “It was a member of the Primordial Ape Race.He’s powerful, and his physical strength is especially terrifying.It must have reached the Tenth Stage.”

Hearing this, Marcello frowned and said, “You have to work harder, James.News has already begun to spread.There are only thirty-three War Orders in the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court.Once all of them appear, the Thirty-three Stages will be activated.”

Jace nodded and said, “Indeed…Only thirty-three living beings will be capable of competing for the final providence.Without a War Order, you won’t be able to compete.”

James asked, “Which powerful figures have obtained a War Order?”

Jace shook his head, “I don’t know myself.However, there shouldn’t be many War Orders left.There’s a volcano called Mount Flames at the southwest of this location.I have received news that there’ll be a War Order there.”

James froze momentarily before asking, “How did you learn of this?”

Back then, he entered the War God Palace and obtained a War Order.However, he had no idea that there was even a War Order there in the first place.

Jace explained, The Heavenly Path was the one who leaked the information.It will convey information to all living beings who enter the ruins by all means necessary.”

“Let’s head over to Mount Flames, then,” James said.

Since there was a War Order at Mount Flames, James wanted to have a look Besides, since Jace had told him that there were only thirty-three War Orders in total, he would have to hurry.

Otherwise, his efforts would be for naught.

Since his team consisted of four persons, he needed to acquire at least four War Orders.

Marcello glanced at Maxine and asked, “Maxine, did my father tell you to assist me in acquiring the third providence on Earth?”

Maxine nodded slightly and said, “Indeed, he has.

However, there are too many powerful figures competing for providence.

Even if I have obtained many providences, it won’t be easy for me to help you obtain the Third Calamity’s providence.”

Maxine was speaking the truth.

Though she had acquired the Supreme Demonic Body and a mysterious Yogacara, not to mention that she had crossed into the Sage Rank, she was nonetheless still too weak at the moment.

She had no way to compete against the other prodigies.

Marcello said, “I’m content knowing I have your assistance.”

James remained silent.

This had nothing to do with him, after all.

Maxine’s master was Marcello’s father.

He had no right to intervene in whoever Maxine wished to obey.


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