The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2803

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2803-Jace said, Come on, let’s get going already.Many powerful figures have already headed toward Mount Flames.Any later and the War Order will be someone else’s.”

James nodded and said, “In that case, let’s go together.”

James did not enter the city.

After encountering Marcello, Jace, and the others of the Demon Realm, he headed toward Mount Flames alongside them.

After flying continuously for half a day, they finally arrived in the region where Mount Flames was located.

Mount Flames was a mountain in flames.

As they approached the mountain, they could sense an excruciating heat.

Jace pointed at the mountain in flames before them and said, “That’s Mount Flames.Based on my current information, this mountain has quite a history.”


James looked at him and said, “Pray tell.”

Jace explained, “Based on the Heavenly Path’s information, the flames of Mount Flames are extremely unique.They are the Flames of Samadhi from the alchemy furnace of the Grand Holy Master in the Ancient Heavenly Court Age.An accident caused the Flames of Samadhi in the alchemy furnace to spill, causing them to splash all over the area and form Mount Flames.Countless years have passed, and though the power of the flames was a shadow of their former selves, they were nonetheless still terrifying.Legend has it that true Flames of Samadhi can burn even a Grand Emperor.”

Jace briefly explained the origins of Mount Flames.

They advanced toward Mount Flames and soon arrived at the foot of the mountain.

By the time they arrived, the temperature was already terrifyingly high.

Even James and the others could feel the sweltering heat and were completely drenched in sweat.

Many living beings were gathered near the foot of the mountain.

They did not dare intrude impulsively because the flames were terrifying, and they would be turned into ashes should they barge in recklessly.

Regardless, some made a few attempts.

However, the moment they reached the foot of the mountain they could no longer endure the heat and had to turn back.

James watched the mountain before him.

The mountain was tens of kilometers high, and there were flames all over its peak.

The flames burned so fiercely that even space was distorted.

Meanwhile, there was a white light floating in the air at the peak.

That was the War Order.

James and the others saw the War Order.

However, though the War Order was just right before their eyes, no one dared entered recklessly.

“Hahaha! Is there no one who dares step forward?”

A burst of laughter boomed.

Then, a fierce-looking man covered in hair appeared.


James froze momentarily.

That man was none other than Milo of the Primordial Ape Race who snatched away his War Order.

Milo’s appearance immediately attracted the attention of many.

As he laughed, he strode forward and charged toward the burning flames.

“We have to prevent him from taking the initiative.”

Then, James charged toward the burning flames as well.

Milo already had a War Order in hand.

As such, James could not allow him to obtain an additional one.

“Careful, James.”

“Don’t let your guard down, James.” Maxine and Brielle said at the same time.

However, at that moment, James had already plunged into the flames.

Immediately, the flames enveloped him, and he could feel the scathing heat burning his skin.


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