The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2807

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2807-Only the sound of hissing flames could be heard.

James looked at Mount Flames. It was the perfect location for cultivation. The Flames of Samadhi were terrifying and extremely effective in nourishing the physical body. Besides, the flames contained mysterious energy that allowed one to increase his Sage

Energy rapidly.

To James’ understanding, Yorick’s rank was not too high. He was only around the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage, whereas some of the other living beings had already reached the Fifteenth Stage. As true prodigies, their ranks were stable and completely real.

Though James’ physical strength was at the Sage Rank’s Seventh Stage, his strength was too numerous and varied. After obtaining providence, he was only at the Sage Rank’s Fourth Stage. Without resorting to other means, he would not stand a chance against the other powerful figures.

After brief contemplation, he stepped into the flames. Though the flames may seem terrifying, he was able to resist the flames of the outer perimeter without resorting to other means or tactics. By the time he was halfway up the mountain, he felt a sense of discomfort, and each step he took seemed to require great effort.

He sat in a lotus position on the ground.

“Spirit Tool, please help me set up a Time Formation. I’m going to enter a closed-door meditation.”

James asked the Spirit Tool inside the Celestial Abode to help him set up a Time Formation.

The ring on his finger materialized to form mysterious characters that entered the void and formed a Time Formation.

James began cultivating in earnest inside the Time Formation. At the same time, while he refined his physical body, he absorbed the power of the flames to increase his Sage Energy. The Elemental

Inversion Formation inside his body swiftly circulated, transforming the absorbed energy into Sage Energy. With the

Elemental Inversion Formation, James’ power increased drastically at a speed many times that of other cultivators. Meanwhile, as his physical body was continuously burned by the flames, he kept growing stronger. Before his physical strength could make a breakthrough, his rank had already reached the peak of the Fourth Stage.

James tried to suppress his rank. However, his rank was stable. The energy absorbed by Elemental Inversion Formation was pure and concentrated, and this could not be suppressed.

“Am I going to make a breakthrough so soon?” James murmured.

After last time’s failure, he had become more cautious. He first took out the Imperial Jade Seal and suppressed the curse’s power inside his body to prevent the curse from appearing out of nowhere at pivotal moments.

Once he suppressed the curse, he chose to make a breakthrough. He struck with his fist and shattered the Realm Barrier.

Then, the seal appeared.

James began to strike the seal slowly but gradually. Nothing unexpected occurred during this breakthrough, and he easily crossed into the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage.

During the closed-door meditation, a year passed in the outside world. Meanwhile, many long and excruciating years had passed in the Time Formation.

A day in the outside world was three months in the Time

Formation. A year in the outside world meant that he had spent ninety-one years in closed-door meditation.

Ninety-one years was close to a century. After close to a century, he was only able to make a breakthrough into the Fifth Stage, not to mention that this was under the circumstances where there was an Elemental Inversion Formation inside his body. Otherwise, he might need much more time to achieve a breakthrough.

He truly had no idea how other cultivators cultivated to increase their cultivation base so rapidly.

“I’m finally at the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage, and my physical strength is also on the verge of making a breakthrough. I’ll remain in a closed-door meditation for some time. Once my physical strength reaches the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage, I’ll leave this place, ” James murmured.


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