The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2808

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2808-Increasing one’s physical strength was comparatively easier. As long as he could endure pain and allow his body to be gravely injured, his physical strength would only grow. Pain? Injuries?

James had withstood immeasurable pain and suffering all this while. His physical body burned in the flames. Ordinary cultivators would not have been able to endure the excruciating heat.

However, James had gotten used to this. Even though his skin was already bright red, he did not even wince once.

Afterward, he catalyzed the Novenary Golden Body Siddhi to absorb the energy of the flames to increase his physical strength.

Regardless, his physical strength increased at a snail’s pace. James entered a closed-door meditation for another fifty years.

Only then did his physical strength increase to the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage.

A year and a half had passed in the outside world. Though he had no idea whether the Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace had opened, he knew he had to leave his closed-door meditation and wander outside.

If he missed the opportunity to compete for providence, everything would be for naught.

He stood up and stretched. Sensing the immense power inside his body, he smiled satisfactorily. Then, he turned to leave.

Soon, he was out of Mount Flames. As he walked out of the mountain, he turned around to have a glimpse.

Mount Flames was tens of kilometers in height. Such an enormous and grand mountain was completely in flames, which soared to the sky.


The hissing sounds of the flames could be heard. Upon witnessing such a scenery, an idea surfaced in James’ mind.


The Divine Sword materialized in his hand. At that moment, James only had an image of flames in his mind. As he casually waved his hand, a wave of Sword Light burst forth from within the Divine

Sword. The Sword Light shredded through the air and landed at Mount Flames before him. However, the Sword Light was immediately enveloped in flames.

James shut his eyes. With his perception, he could sense that this region contained extremely hot energy.

At that moment, he seemed to have entered an illusory state of mind. In his state, he performed a sword dance. Unknowingly, immense flame energy gathered inside his sword. After God knows how long, he stopped and looked at the sword in his hand, which was both purplish and reddish at the moment. Seeing that the sword slowly reverted to purple, James smiled delightedly, “This is what I call a true Sword Intent.”

Holding the Divine Sword in his hand, he walked out of Mount Flames. After leaving the region, he casually waved his hand, and a wave of Sword Energy materialized from within the Divine Sword.

The Sword Energy struck a mountain beside Mount Flames.


The moment the Sword Energy struck the mountain, an extremely terrifying energy engulfed the mountain. In an instant, everything was turned to ashes and nothing remained in sight.

“I guess I will call this the Samadhi Sword Intent,” James murmured.

Then, without turning back, he turned to leave.

This time, he managed to gain insight into the Samadhi Sword

Intent by chance. This allowed the power of his swordsmanship to increase further, allowing him to see a glimmer of hope to compete for the ultimate providence.

“It’s been a year and a half. I wonder what’s going on inside the ruins.”

James hurriedly left the area and headed to places that were populated.

There were only thirty-three War Orders inside the ruins, which meant that only thirty-three living beings could obtain a War

Order and enter the Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace. However, since this was the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court, many providences were lying in wait. Those who failed to obtain a War

Order gradually turned their sights on the providences.

Soon, James arrived at an abandoned city. He had been here before, but before he could enter the city, he headed toward Mount Flames alongside Marcello and the others.


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