The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2816

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2816-James was confident they could overwhelm all enemies that stood in their way.

However, since Feb the Gorger had yet to appear, the only thing he could do now was to save Maxine as soon as possible.

In any case, Maxine was brought up and nurtured by Tobias.

As such, she was also a Caden.

That fact alone meant that she was worth saving.

Besides, Maxine provided him with a lot of assistance.

She only made some mistakes after being led astray.

“We should first head up Mount Penyet.”

Brielle and Qusai nodded at the same time, ‘”Mhm.”

At the moment, on an empty piece of land at the peak of Mount Penyet, there was a woman tied to a pole.She was wearing a black dress.

However, her dress was tattered, caused by the chains that tore at her clothing.

Her grave injuries were revealed, her face was pale, her lips were dry, and her life seemed hanging by a thread.

It appeared that she had been tied to the pole after suffering injuries and was denied any medical treatment.

A man was sitting on a rock beside her.

The man had a sturdy build and was wearing a black jacket.

Though he was ferocious-looking, his appearance was sly and bizarre.

He sat on the rock while having a bored look on his face.

His name was Maveth Emmet, an Emperor of the Celestial Ant Race.

He possessed great strength, and he also bore witness to the battle between James and Yorick on Mount Bane.

Even so, he abducted Maxine in an effort to blackmail James.

This meant that he was fully confident in his strength.

Besides, he had Maxine as a bargaining chip.

As such, he was not worried that James would not hand over his War Order.


A voice came.

Maveth lifted his head.

A man wearing a black robe walked in and knelt on one knee.

“Speak,” Maveth said.

The kneeling man was sent by the Celestial Ant Race to assist Maveth.

His name was Kakush Emmet, one of the strongest prodigies of his race.

Though he did not have the bloodline of the Emperor of the Celestial Ant, he climbed the social ladder through his efforts.

His strength was not beneath Maveth’s.

Kakush said, “James has arrived at the outskirts of the mountain.He will soon reach this place.”

Hearing this, Maveth was so agitated that he leaped from his seat and laughed, “Hahaha! After so long, James is finally here.His War Order will soon be mine.Then, I’ll have the opportunity to compete for the ultimate providence.That way, I’ll reach the Emperor Rank!”


Wearing a grim expression, Kakush said, “We should be on our guard.I just received news that James defeated Yorich, the Young Master of the Sword Realm in a few moves.”

“Hmph! That’s nothing,”Maveth said with a scornful look, “

Yorich was defeated because he didn’t have an invincible physical body.We, the Celestial Ants, on the other hand, have unparalleled physical bodies.There’s no way James can defeat me.He might not even be able to pierce my physical resistance.”

Maveth was fully confident in his physical strength.

At the same time, James arrived at Mount Penyet.

Along the way, he encountered many guards, who possessed immense strength.

Most of them were already at the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage.

Achieving such strength at their age was terrifying.


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