The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2817

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2817-However, they were far weaker than the powerful figures who entered the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

After receiving news of James’ appearance, Maveth ordered his subordinates not to act rashly.

Rather, they allowed James safe passage.

That was because he learned that James annihilated Yorich’s knights in a single move.

Knowing that his subordinates were no match for James, he did not wish for the elites of his race to be annihilated.

After all, they possessed enormous potential and were the pillars of the Celestial Ant Race.

After James and the others arrived, their progress was not impeded.

The soldiers of the Celestial Ant Race made way for them and allowed James, Brielle, and Qusai safe passage into Mount Penyet.

As their passage was not impeded, they soon arrived at the peak.

Upon their arrival, James saw Maxine, who was tied to a stone pillar and covered in blood, and whose life was hanging by a thread.

Immediately, he was enraged.

His expression darkened, and he clenched his fists, his killing intent visible for all to see.

Sensing James’ killing intent, Qusai was frightened and hurriedly cautioned, “Don’t act impulsively, James.”

James had once fought for his life for 30 thousand years in the Tribulation World.

30 thousand years of endless slaughter had caused his body to accumulate enormous killing intent.

All this while, he had been actively suppressing them.

Upon seeing his family being tortured, the concealed killing intent burst forth and threatened to overflow.

Brielle could feel a chill down her spine.

She hurriedly grabbed James’ hand and whispered, “Don’t act impulsively.Remember to go with the flow.”

James took a deep breath to suppress the fury in his heart.

The three slowly walked in.

In the distance, Maveth and Kakush stood up simultaneously and looked at the approaching group.


Maveth laughed.

“I thought James came alone.I didn’t expect there to be an additional two.Qusai and Brielle each have a War Order in their possession as well.Today, I’ll have three War Orders.”

He patted Kakush’s shoulder and said, “You’re in luck today.You’ll be able to enter the Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace as well.”

Kakush’s expression was solemn, however.

Since they managed to obtain a War Order, they must possess immense power.

Though both he and Maveth were powerful, he was not confident they could emerge victorious against a group of three.

Knowing that Maxine was the key, his body flashed, and he appeared beside the pillar.

Holding a razor-sharp blade in his hand, he said coldly, “Not one more step, James.Hand over the War Order at once.Otherwise, I’ll kill her immediately.”

James glared at him and uttered word by word, “You touch a single strand of her hair and I’ll tear you to pieces.”

Swish! Without any mercy, Kakush raised his sword and slashed Maxine’s arm.

The razor-sharp blade immediately sliced her arm in half.

Her arm dropped to the ground, blood gushed out from her wound.

“Argh! “

Maxine had lost consciousness.

However, the excruciating pain woke her up, and she screamed in agony.

Then, she saw James from the corner of her eye.

Collecting herself, she cried out, “Stay away, James! Leave now!”

Upon witnessing this scene and hearing her agonizing scream, James clenched his fists and uttered word by word, “Very well, you are dead meat.Say your prayers.”

“Cut the cr*p.Where’s the War Order? Hand it over.” Maveth said.

He was quite satisfied with Kakush’s actions.

This guy was rather quick-witted.

Based on his original plan, he planned to use Maxine as bait to lure James here.

Then, he would fight against James fair and square, defeat him, and seize his War Order.

Using Maxine to blackmail James was not a terrible option too.


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