The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2821

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2821-He was sent flying out of Mount Penyet.

Meanwhile, the creatures gathered outside the mountain hurriedly retreated to the rear upon seeing the fight for fear of being pulled into the conflict.

“Consider yourself lucky.I’ll let you go this time.”

The moment they exchanged blows, James immediately knew how powerful the Celestial Ants were.

Though he was confident he could annihilate them, he knew he would certainly suffer injuries during the battle.

Since this was not yet the time to obtain the ultimate providence, there was no need to waste his time here.

With the propulsion of the impact, he swiftly made his escape.

In an instant, he appeared before Qusai, Brielle, and Maxine and casually waved his hand.

Powerful energy materialized in his palm, dragging them into the Celestial Abode.

Then, he swiftly fled the area.

Maveth did not give chase.

After James left, he transformed back into human form and collapsed to the ground, his life hanging by a thread.


Kakush transformed back into human form as well and hurriedly walked over to him, asking with concern, “Are you alright?”

Maveth sat on the ground.

There was a bloody wound on his chest, and his face was unusually pale as he cursed, “I underestimated James! He’s much stronger compared to when he first fought against Yorick.”

As he spoke, he grimaced and pulled out a healing elixir to heal his injuries.

Beside him, Kakush, who was also injured, was healing his injuries as well.

He asked, “What should we do now?”

Maveth thought about it and said, “There’s no need to worry.Two War Orders have yet to appear.We still have a chance.He got us this time because we underestimated him.The next time I encounter him, I’ll be able to annihilate him with ease as long as I’m in peak condition.”

He did not give chase.

That was because he had suffered injuries, and this could affect his performance in battle.

Besides, James was no pushover.

Even if he gave chase, he might not be able to defeat him and seize his War Order anyway.

At that moment, James was now far away from Mount Penyet.

He knew that the War Order in his possession would attract the attention of many.

So, he did not head over to populated areas and ventured deep into the mountains and forests instead.

After arriving at a secluded spot, he entered the Celestial Abode.

Inside the Celestial Abode…

The moment James appeared, Brielle asked, “How did it go, James? Are you alright?’ James dispersed Sacrilegious Ascension, the power of dragon bones, and Elemental Inversion, before sitting in a lotus position on the ground and catalyzing the Demonic Energy inside his body to heal the lingering effects of Sacrilegious Ascension.

“I’m fine.”

Wearing a grim expression, he said, ”I never thought that the Celestial Ants would be this powerful.I thought I could overwhelm any living being with my current strength.However, I can’t even pierce through the defense of a Celestial Ant.”

Qusai said, “This is normal.The Celestial Ants are terrifying.An ordinary Celestial Ant possessed physical strength comparable to the Sage Rank at the moment of birth.”

“By the way, are you alright, Maxine?”

Maxine was sitting by the side lifelessly.

With much gratitude, she said, “I’m alright, James.Thank you for saving me.”

James smiled and said, “I’m glad to hear that.However, I didn’t manage to kill them this time.I will avenge you the next time.”

Maxine shook her head slightly and said, “Ultimately, this only happened because my rank is too insignificant.”

Maxine possessed an unparalleled Demonic Body, not to mention that she was nurtured by the Azurean Clan of the Demon Realm.

To nurture her, the Azurean Clan‘s Patriarch even helped her search for a Yogacara.

She was strong, but her rank was too weak.

Those who entered the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court were commonly at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage.

Someone like Brielle even reached the Fifteenth Stage.

Given time, Maxine’s rank would increase.She was sufficiently strong and terrifying.

“By the way, what should we do next, James?” Qusai asked.

James said, “There’s no need to do anything.We just have to wait for the Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace to open and seize the ultimate providence.”


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