The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2820

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2820-James did not wish to antagonize the various races of the universe because the earthlings were still weak.

Once the Four Calamities appeared, the seal would be completely undone.

This would be catastrophic for mankind.

However, there were many top-notch fighters concealed among the human population.

They were all at the Grand Emperor Rank.

James believed that the Outsiders would not dare act impulsively as long as these powerful figures existed.

Some creatures had crossed his red line, and as such, deserved to die.

He did not kill Yorick because he played by the rules.

He merely imprisoned his friends and did not harm them.

Maveth, on the other hand, harmed Maxine.

James was set on killing Maveth.

Brielle and Qusai left alongside Maxine.

Holding the Divine Sword in hand, James walked toward Maveth.

At that moment, Maveth had already stood up.

Though his body was pierced, and he suffered a blow in his chest, killing a person at his rank was nigh impossible.

As he stood up from the ground, he wiped the blood trace off his lips.

His face darkened as he cursed James, “You have enraged me, James! You’re dead meat.”

At that moment, Kakush rushed over to Maveth’s side.

The Confinement restricting his movement was gone.

“Are you alright?”

Seeing that Maveth was injured, he asked.

Maveth’s face darkened as he said, “I’m alright.Let’s tear him to pieces.”

He knew that James was strong.

Alone, he might not stand a chance against him.

Only by attacking together would they stand a chance.

Besides, in his current condition, he would not be able to fight effectively.

A golden light flashed, and his body changed.

In the next instant, he transformed into a huge ant.

The ant was hundreds of meters in height and covered in golden scales all over its body, which was glimmering in gold.

After transforming into his original body, his strength increased further.

Seeing this, Kakush transformed as well.

Though he was a member of the Ant Race, he was not a Celestial Ant.

Even so, as a mutated ant, he possessed a powerful bloodline.

At the moment, he was a black ant.

Looking at the ants before him, James’ expression remained composed as he uttered word by word, “I, James Caden, would never antagonize any living being in this world.However, I’ll never forgive those who dare cross me.”

After he spoke, he made a move.

With extraordinary speed, he charged toward Maveth.

With the Divine Sword in hand, he slashed the golden ant.

After transforming into his original body, Maveth now possessed immense physical strength.

As such, he was unafraid, and he used his physical body to resist James’ attack.

James’ sword fell.

The razor-sharp Divine Sword only barely scratched Maveth.

His strength was incapable of destroying the Celestial Ant’s defense.


Maveth burst into a peal of laughter, “James, what can you do to me even with the Imperial Weapon? My original body is a Celestial Ant.My physical strength is unparalleled.If you can’t even pierce through my physical body, how do you hope to fight against me?”

Maveth’s laughter boomed.

“Hmph,” James grunted.

Though he was expressionless, he was secretly stunned.

The Celestial Ants were indeed one of the Ten Fiends, an existence that rivaled the Gorger.

Such physical strength was terrifying.

James could not even break his defense with the Divine Sword and could only leave a scar on its scales.

At that moment, Maveth launched his attack.

Its huge tail swept toward James, bringing with it a violent force.

James raised his sword to resist.


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