The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2828

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2828-James found Lucifer and conveyed his wish to ally with him.

Lucifer glanced at James puzzledly.

James already had a couple of allies.

Why would he enlist him at such a moment? Sensing Lucifer’s thoughts, James said smilingly, “No one here is a weakling.

As we speak, everyone else is making alliances with one another.

The more allies we have, the higher our chances of remaining the last one standing, thereby obtaining the ultimate providence.” Everyone came here for the ultimate providence.

Lucifer thought about it and said, “Alright then, I’ll ally with you for now.” As allying with James only brought Lucifer benefits, he did not hesitate for long.

Just like that, James now had an additional ally.

At the moment, he had four members in his team — Brielle, Qusai, Feb, and Lucifer.

Together with him, they could certainly arrive at the final stage.

Seeing that James had pulled Lucifer over to his side, Qhuv’s face darkened.

That was because Feb, Brielle, and Qusai never once left and had been monitoring him closely.

This meant that James intended to attack him.

Lucifer and James walked toward him.

James’ gaze was fixed on Qhuv as he smiled brightly, saying, “I wasn’t trying to deliberately target you.

However, we have to disqualify someone from this arena.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to be the first one.” Saying that, James ordered, “Do it.” Immediately, a powerful aura exuded from Brielle, Qusai, and Feb’s bodies.

A battle was about to erupt.

“Dammit!” Enraged, a white, two-meter-long blade materialized in Qhuv’s hand.

With the blade in hand, Qhuv’s aura increased drastically.

“Th-The Lethal Blade?” Upon seeing such a magnificent blade, the crowd could not help but exclaim.

Some creatures who were observing the battle from afar could recognize the blade.

“The weapon of the Killing Emperor…” “He’s a creature of the Fatal Realm.” Many discussed.

The Lethal Blade was an Imperial Weapon.

James had already gotten used to this because he had encountered many Imperial Weapons over a period of time.

Imperial Weapons seemed to have become a standard for the prodigies.

“You have a death wish!” Enraged, Qhuv raised his blade and slashed.

In an instant, a blade thousands of meters long materialized and slashed at James and the others.

Knowing how strong this blade was, they dodged the attack.

That was because the crystal inside their body would not be depleted as long as they were not injured.

They would dodge the attacks as much as possible.

Boom! As the blade struck the ground, the earth shook.

The blade’s power was immense and caused great destruction.

A deep fissure instantly appeared in the middle of the arena, and the cracks were not showing signs of stopping.

However, this arena was magical.

The moment it was destroyed, it automatically restored itself.

“Hmph! tt Qhuv grunted.

Holding the blade in his hand, he charged toward James.

He could tell that James was the core of the team.

As long as he could finish him off, he could resolve the current crisis.

His speed was extraordinary.

In just a few instants, he had already appeared before James.

As he slashed with his blade, James raised the Divine Sword.

The blade and the sword collided.


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