The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2829

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2829-The two great powers collided.

James was immediately sent flying.

The Blood Energy inside his body churned.

At the same time, the crystal inside his body only trembled ever so slightly.

‘How powerful…’ James could not help but be stunned.

His strength was many times greater than before.

However, he was sent flying by Qhuv.

If not for the crystal inside his body which prevented him from suffering injuries, he would surely have spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“I’m too weak without using Sacrilegious Ascension.” James took a deep breath and yelled, “Let’s get him all at once.

We should disqualify him first.” There were many others in the arena as well.

However, they did not make a move.

After all, only a single individual could be disqualified at each stage.

Since James and the others were already attacking Qhuv, they simply sat by the sidelines.

At the same time, they seized the opportunity to ally with the others.

In the meantime, Qusai, Brielle, Feb, and Lucifer attacked at the same time.

They appeared all around Qhuv and attacked him ferociously.

Qhuv was strong.

After all, no one here was a pushover.

However, faced with multiple powerful figures, he slowly lost ground.

James waited for an opportune moment to strike.

Faced against someone like Qhuv who possessed an Imperial Weapon, he did not hold back at all.

From the get-go, he used the strongest Sword Move and appeared before him in an instant.

Qhuv, who was besieged on all sides, could not dodge James’ attack in time, even though he was being attacked.

The Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword transformed into a Sword Light and pierced through his body.

The purple light then exploded inside Qhuv’s body.

Under normal circumstances, Qhuv would suffer grave injuries, and his battle prowess would greatly diminish after his body was pierced.

However, since there was a crystal inside his body, his body did not suffer any injury.

Instead, the energy level of the crystal was depleted.

By the time the energy was completely depleted, he would be disqualified.

“Scram!” Qhuv roared and waved his blade.

Sword Light materialized from within the blade, and each of them charged toward James while carrying immense destructive power.

James hurriedly retreated and raised the Divine Sword to block the attack.

Though he blocked the attack, his arm went limp.

Unable to wield the Divine Sword steadily, he almost dropped the sword to the ground.

In the meantime, Feb summoned a light beam, which pierced through Qhuv’s body.

However, almost immediately, his body rejuvenated.

Unable to withstand the consecutive attacks of his enemies, Qhuv had no choice but to flee.

He panicked.

If this continued, he would be the first to be disqualified.

Qhuv hurriedly cried out, “What are you guys standing there for? Watching the show? Once I’m disqualified, you’ll be next! “If you don’t want to be disqualified, let’s team up and disqualify them!” His voice reverberated throughout the region.

He had no other choice but to persuade the others to join him.

It was the only way for him to fight against James.

If the others chose not to intervene, he would be disqualified soon.

His objective was to obtain the ultimate providence and become an Emperor.

If he was disqualified now, the chances of him crossing into the Grand Emperor Rank would be minuscule.

The others were all wearing grim expressions.

Qhuv’s words made sense.

However, if they stepped forward now, they would immediately come under attack.

James was not alone; he had a whole team behind him.

Qhuv’s voice boomed.

However, at that moment, no one responded or intervened to help him.


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