The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2830

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2830-No one intervened to help Qhuv because now was not the time.

Everyone was secretly hoping for the others to be disqualified so that they could remain in the arena.

As Qhuv screamed for help, James and the others launched another wave of offensive.

With the Imperial Weapon in hand, he fought against James and the others.

With his powerful cultivation methods, he was able to hold off their combined attack.

However, this was only possible with the crystal.

Without the crystal, he would have suffered grave injuries and lost the capability to continue the battle faced against the combined efforts of five powerful fighters.

Regardless, the crystal inside his body had only just begun to be depleted.

James and the others needed quite some time so that the crystal completely disappeared.

From afar, Maveth was watching the battle.

James was his arch-rival.

He believed that James would turn on him once Qhuv was removed.

By then, he would have to fight against five by himself.

Should that come to pass, his chances of winning would be nonexistent.

After some contemplation, he believed there was a need to join in the battle and help Qhuv deal with James and the others.

He was a member of the Celestial Ant Race, which was one of the Ten Fiends.

Due to the race’s reputation and prestige, many races wished to befriend the Celestial Ant Race.

Among the other thirty- two participants, he was acquainted with many of them.

However, he was not on good terms with many of them.

He knew that nothing would change despite his joining the battle.

Now, he needed to secure a few more allies.

At the moment, there was only one that fit the criteria.

With that thought in mind, his body flashed, and he appeared beside a woman.

The woman was about twenty-five years of age and was wearing a red dress.

She was glamorous- looking and had on heavy makeup.

There were also red scales on her face.

Maveth appeared before the woman and called out to her, ” Matilde.” The woman looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?” Maveth said, “You know I have bad blood with James.

Now that he has allied with Lucifer, the Gorger, and the others, they will surely make a move against me once Qhuv is dealt with.

Then, they will turn against the others.” Hearing this, Matilde Nornala immediately knew what he was trying to insinuate.

“Do you wish to ally with me?” Maveth nodded and said, “Yes, I’ll ally with you and help Qhuv at the same time.

We’ll disqualify James, Lucifer, the Gorger, and the others at the same time.” Then, he glanced at the battle in the distance and whispered, * Qhuv isn’t a pushover.

Let’s team up with him and annihilate the others.

That way, we’ll be the ones to obtain the ultimate providence in the end.” Matilde was not an ordinary creature.

Her original form was also one of the Ten Primordial Fiends, the Multicolored Flame Python.

It was a primordial beast that possessed enormous strength.

Besides, Matilde herself was extremely powerful and she controlled a sort of Natal Flame called the Multicolored Flame.

Once the Multicolored Flame was used, there would be cataclysmic destruction.

No creature at a similar rank could resist the flames of the Multicolored Flame.

After some contemplation, Matilde nodded and said, “Sure.

But can we defeat them with just the three of us?” Matilde had no qualms whatsoever about entering alliances.

She was already acquainted with Maveth, and their two races hada close relationship with one another.

Now, the only thing she was worried about was that the combined strength of her, Maveth, and Qhuv was no match for James and the others.

Even if they could disqualify a few of them by sheer luck, their crystals would be severely depleted.

It would not bode well for them down the line.


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