The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2833

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2833-James and the others looked solemn.

Brielle connected telepathically with James and said, “James, this can’t go on.

If this keeps up, more formidable individuals will surely join the opponents.

This is extremely detrimental to us.” Naturally, James was aware of this.

No more chances should be given to them.

If they were given more time, they would definitely rope in more powerful individuals.

In that case, they would be very passive.

“Charge!” James’ voice rang out.

After his voice was heard, Brielle, Feb, Qusai, and Lucifer all struck simultaneously.

At this moment, their hearts seemed to be connected.

They appeared to have shared the same idea, which was to ignore Maveth, Matilde, and Yorick and go straight for Qhuv.

James was the first to strike.

With the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword in hand, he took a step forward.

As soon as he strode, his body vanished from its original location, and numerous shadows appeared above the arena in the air.

Every shadow was emanating a powerful force.

Before Qhuv could react, countless shadows converged in front of him.

When the numerous shadows overlapped, a purple sword appeared, and a purple Sword Light manifested.

Qhuv raised the Lethal Blade in defense.

“Clang!” Instantaneously, a powerful force struck the Lethal Blade in his hand.

Qhuv’s arm went numb.

He lost his firm hold on the Lethal Blade he was holding for a brief second, and it dropped to the ground.

At this point, the Sword Light swept over him and immediately pierced his body.

Then it exploded inside of him.

Nonetheless, Qhuv was unharmed because the damage was absorbed by the crystal within his body.

During this time, the Lethal Blade, which had fallen to the ground, reappeared in his hand.

With great force, he swung down the Lethal Blade in his hand.

A circular Sword Light was formed and headed straight for James, cutting toward him.

James quickly dodged, avoiding this attack easily.

At this precise moment, Lucifer arrived.

The Imperial Weapon in his hand struck Qhuv once more.

When he was hit, a green lotus swept over.

The green lotus emitted a green light that illuminated the entire sky.

From the sky, a green light descended, engulfing Qhuv.

Cracks appeared in Qhuv’s physical body.

The cracks healed as soon as they appeared.

Feb and Qusai had also begun launching ferocious attacks at the same time.

In a matter of seconds, a barrage of attacks was launched.

Before Maveth, Matilde, and Yorick could even react, Qhuv had suffered a round of attacks.

If it were not for the fact that he could not be hurt, he would have lost his ability to fight at this point.

However, once the crystal was obtained, as long as the crystal was not completely depleted, one would still have fighting strength.

Aside from that, their fighting strength would continue to grow.

Qhuv’s crystal had been greatly depleted.

The parts that were expended became his own strength, his physical strength.

His aura grew frightening once more.

“Why are you still standing there? Attack all together!” Qhuv roared angrily.

In this instant, Maveth, Matilde, and Yorick all went into a combat state.

Yorick transformed and immediately entered his third stage of transformation.

Maveth turned into his bestial form, a golden ant.

Matilde morphed into a massive python with brightly colored scales.

“Wha—?” “A Celestial Ant and a Multicolored Flame Python?” ot Phew.

» “IT never expected four of the Ten Primordial Fiends to show up here.” “They are of the Ten Fiends’ bloodlines.

Who among them is the most powerful?” After they saw Maveth and Matilde transformed into their bestial forms, many living beings who were watching the battle were stunned.


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