The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2834

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2834-The Ten Primordial Fiends were the ten behemoths of the Fiend Realm during the Primordial Age.

All of these ten fiends were at the Grand Emperor Rank and well- known during the Primordial Age.

It was never determined who was the strongest and who was the weakest of the Ten Fiends.

The reason for this was that, while they were all from the Primordial Age, they did not all belong to the same time period.

Among them, the Gorgers were the first to appear.

They appeared at the beginning of the Primordial Age.

Conversely, the majority of the others emerged in a later period.

Right now, four of the Ten Fiends had appeared.

The living beings present were all eager to find out which of these four vicious beasts was the strongest.

With the addition of Maveth, Matilde, and Yorick to the battle, Qhuv’s side grew to four.

Meanwhile, there were five on James’ side.

“We’ll each deal with one,” James promptly made a combat analysis and said quickly, “Brielle, stay out of the fight for the time being.

You’ll be watching from the sidelines.

Step in and assist anyone who is in danger.

During this battle, we’ll aim to stay unharmed and avoid depleting the crystals in our bodies.” “Leave the Celestial Ant to me,” Feb said assertively, “The physical body of a Celestial Ant is said to be unrivaled.

I’d like to see if it’s really that strong.” James instantly reminded her, “Be cautious.

A Celestial Ant is not that easy.” James had fought Maveth before.

He was well aware of how terrifying he was.

However, Feb scoffed coldly and said, “Are you looking down on me?” After she said that, she opened her huge mouth.

In her mouth, an extremely powerful force manifested and charged toward Maveth.

Qusai laughed and said, “Well, in that case, leave the Multicolored Flame Python to me.” Lucifer shrugged and said, “Then I’ll deal with Yorick.” James smiled faintly and said, “You guys picked them all, so I’m left with only one option.” James’ gaze rested on Qhuv.

At this moment, in the arena, a fierce battle had already erupted.

Many prominent figures had begun fighting ferociously.

Damage from the battle continued to appear in the arena and was constantly repaired.

Qhuv’s fixed his gaze on James.

He gripped the Lethal Blade in his hand, his face dark and menacing.

He said, enunciating each word, “James, in a one-to-one fight, you don’t have any hope of winning.” “Really?” James smiled thinly.

He was in his strongest state right now.

ot Die.

n Qhuv roared.

As his roar rang out, his long hair stood on end, and a dreadful aura erupted from his body.

He leaped into the air, emerging at a height of a hundred meters in mid -air.

“Lethal Blade’s Fury.” He held up the Lethal Blade in his hand.

The Lethal Blade became brilliant, emitting ray after ray of Sword Light.

Every Sword Light possessed the force to obliterate everything.

James dared not be careless.

He was aware that it was a battle of depleting crystal.

If he could, he would try to stay uninjured during the fight.

At this moment, he focused his mind, and an enormous Infinity Stele appeared in front of him, blocking the Sword Lights that were sweeping over.

One, two…

In an instant, a hundred and eight Infinity Steles appeared.

After the Infinity Steles appeared, they formed a formation and surrounded him.

The force of the Lethal Blade’s Fury was very powerful.

It was a signature skill created by the Fatal Emperor.

Its power was not inferior to James’ sword techniques.

If he did not use the Infinity Steles, James’ crystal would have definitely shown wear after he was struck.

Nonetheless, that was not the case after he used the Infinity Steles.

The Lethal Blade’s attacks were all blocked by the Infinity Steles.

Whoosh! A hundred and eight Infinity Steles rotated around James’ body.

Immediately afterward, an Infinity Stele rushed forward and slammed at Qhuv.

Qhuv quickly resisted.

A Sword Light was formed and struck the Infinity Stele.

The Infinity Stele was jolted backward and smashed into the ground, instantly turning the arena into a bottomless pit.

“So powerful.” James was astonished.

As expected of a powerhouse who had acquired a War Order.

His strength was actually quite terrifying.

None of those who were able to come here were weaklings, in actuality.

When he was up against Maveth, James felt stressed.

Right now, when he was facing Qhuv alone, he felt stressed as well.

However, that was all.

One after another, the Infinity Steles slammed forward.

Currently, James had yet to fully comprehend the Infinity Steles.

They were only heavy weapons in his hands.

Only a limited portion of their power could be harnessed by him.

He could only utilize the Infinity Steles’ sturdiness and weight to attack his enemies.


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