The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2835

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2835-Even so, Qhuv appeared a little worse for wear.

“Confinement.” “Cycle of Time.” While he was using the Infinity Stele, James also employed Curse Magic.

He instantly confined Qhuv.

Nonetheless, Qhuv’s strength was too powerful.

With James’ understanding of Curse Magic, he still could not confine him completely.

In an instant, he managed to break free from the Confinement and the Cycle of Time Supernatural Powers and stopped aging.

However, at this precise moment, James used his most powerful Sword Move, Samadhi Sword Intent.

A Sword Energy with unrivaled Sword Intent burst forth and pierced straight through Qhuv’s body.

However, Qhuv attacked in response, striking the Infinity Stele with a terrifying Sword Light.

Although the Infinity Stele was blocking the damage, the crystal in James’ body was showing a little bit of wear.

This tiny bit of wear instantly transformed into a terrible force and sank into James’ body.

It merged into his Sage Energy and merged into his physical body.

“Ahhh!” Qhuv let out a roar in rage.

It was not that he was not powerful.

He was indeed quite powerful.

However, James had the Infinity Stele and many other tricks.

He felt he could not put his strength to use.

Currently, half of his crystal had already been consumed.

At this rate, he would be defeated very soon.

However, facing James, he was helpless.

Right now, he wanted to go around James and work with the other living beings first to eliminate others.

James appeared to have seen right through his thoughts.

“Confinement.” As soon as he moved, James used Confinement.

Although he could only confine him for a few seconds, they were enough for James.

“Swordsmanship of Destruction.” A powerful murderous intent emanated from within James’ body.

The murderous intent spread throughout his entire body and spilled into the air.

Then, the murderous intent fused into the sword.

“Whoosh!” A ray of Sword Energy materialized.

The Sword Energy struck Qhuv right away and ran through his body.

Following this attack, the crystal in Qhuv’s body was once again greatly depleted.

After this single sword attack, about a tenth of his crystal was immediately exhausted.

“argh! Damn it!” Qhuv roared furiously.

He turned around and swung his sword.

However, this attack landed on the Infinity Stele.

James did not experience any harm at all.

His expression was serene.

If this fight went on as it was, Qhuv would be eliminated sooner or later.

He struck once more.

Shadows that filled the sky were manifested.

“This move again?” Qhuv was fuming.

The attack was very odd.

He could not dodge it at all and could not resist it.

He could only passively defend himself by force.

Regardless, he could not resist it.

He could only watch as the crystal in his body showed depletion.

The moment the shadows merged, the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword pierced his body once more.

The battle appeared to be tilting toward one side.

Even if Qhuv grew more powerful, he was helpless against James.

After a round of combat, less than a tenth of the energy of the crystal in his body remained.

He would be eliminated very soon.


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