The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2836

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2836-James was fighting Qhuv.

Qhuv felt he could not put his strength to use and was completely under James’ control.

Previously, when it was one against five, his crystal was already severely depleted.

Now, after another round of combat, his crystal had become even more depleted.

It was down to less than a tenth of its energy.

All of the previous energy was incorporated into his body.

His strength had significantly increased.

Despite this, he was unable to harm James.

He could not deplete James’ crystal.

“Argh!” Qhuv continued to roar out of rage.

His roar continued to reverberate.

Upon seeing this, many living beings furrowed their brow.

Qhuv demonstrated tremendous strength.

He was not weaker than anyone else present.

However, when he faced James, he was reduced to such a miserable state.

All of them were considering what to do if they were personally James’ opponents.

Within a short period of time, these living beings watching the battle began to have all sorts of ideas.

“Should we strike together and wipe out James and these few formidable foes?” Prominent figures were communicating with one another.

These powerful figures originated from all over the universe.

They did not know each other in the first place.

Now that others were communicating with them telepathically, they were all secretly apprehensive.

They had no idea what each other was thinking.

If they were tricked, it would be troublesome.

“Qhuv, Pll help you.” A voice rang out.

Immediately after that, a man flew over and appeared in front of Qhuv.

The man was 190 centimeters tall.

He was dressed in a golden robe and looked quite handsome.

As soon as he appeared, many prominent figures recognized him.

“A living being from the Autarch Realm had appeared.” “When an Autarch Body strikes, it is peerless.” “The Autarch Body.

It is a physical body more powerful than a Celestial Ant.” “This is getting interesting.” When the man appeared, he was recognized.

He was a notable figure, a prodigy from the Autarch Realm.

Though he was human, he had an Autarch Body, which was rare even during the Primordial Age.

As James saw the person that had appeared, he could not help but be taken aback.

‘At this point, someone is still stepping forward to help Qhuv.

Do they have a death wish?’ “Who’s there? Give me your name,” James’ voice resounded.

The man in the golden robe looked at James who had an imposing manner, smiled faintly, and said, “The Autarch Realm, Wilvalor Wynfir.” “very good,” James said coldly, “At this point, you still dare to come forward.

That indicates you are powerful enough.

In that case, attack together.” James exuded a magnificent presence.

He disregarded everything.

At this moment, Brielle appeared in front of James and said, “ James, I’ll help you.

I’ll hold up Wilvalor.

You’ll deal with Qhuv and eliminate him first.

After fighting fiercely for such a long time, very little of his crystal’s energy likely remains.” “Mhm.” James nodded.

He was going to fight against two by himself.

Now that Brielle appeared, he also planned to first take care of Qhuv.

“Wilvalor, your opponent is me,” Brielle shouted.

Immediately afterward, she struck quickly.

“you’re looking for death.” Wilvalor scoffed coldly.

The two traded blows.

The battle became heated right away.


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