The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2842

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2842-Lucifer said, “There are too many creatures in the arena right now.We must eliminate some of the weaker ones first.If we team up with them, we can do exactly that.When we’re the only ones left, we’ll fight them for providence.”

James contemplated briefly and thought that Lucifer’s suggestion was feasible.He looked at Feb and Qusai, then asked, “Do you two have any objections?”

The two shook their head and implied their agreement with Lucifer’s idea.

James said, “If that’s the case, we’ll work with them for now.I’ll go talk to them.”

After he finished speaking, James approached the region where the Celestial Ant Race were located.

Seeing James walking toward them, the Celestial Ant Race and the other creatures immediately raised their guard.

James smiled brightly and said, “Don’t worry.I’m not here to fight but to propose a suggestion.”

Maveth looked at James coldly and said, “If you have something to say, hurry and cut to the chase.”

James said, “I’d like to form a temporary alliance with you and weed out the other creatures. n.ovelebook After that, we’ll fight for the providence between ourselves.What do you think?”

He proposed the suggestion.

Yorick sneered smugly at him, and said, “Haha.Even if we unite now and take out the other creatures, you’ll still have five people in your party.If we fight each other, my side will be disadvantaged since we have fewer numbers.”

James shrugged and said, “That’s not hard to amend.When we reach that point, we can have one-on-one battles with each other.The winner will proceed to the next round, and the loser will be eliminated.”

There were no rules in the arena.So James had to make his own.

Maveth scanned the arena and saw that only a few had been eliminated since the previous round.

There were still many participants in the arena.He thought about it for a moment and said, “Alright.”

The two agreed to form a temporary alliance.

There were five people in James’ party —James, Qusai, Feb, Lucifer, and Brielle.

On the other side were Maveth, Matilde, Yorick, and Wilvalor.

Together, they had nine powerhouses.

The nine of them were invincible.

Very quickly, they gathered together.

The other creatures watched on warily after they saw the truce between the two formerly hostile teams.

James and Maveth’s party did not give the other creature a chance to prepare themselves and quickly struck after choosing a target.

The knockout round officially commenced.

The union of the nine powerhouses made them almost invincible, and none of the other teams could counter them.

Not long after that, more than a dozen powerhouses were eliminated.

Only two teams were left behind.

One of the teams was James’ alliance, and the other side was led by a member of the Primordial Demonic Ape Race.

The opposing team was composed of seven exceptionally strong powerhouses.

Half of the participants had been swiftly knocked out, and only sixteen people were left in the arena.

The two teams each took a corner of the arena.

Qusai asked solemnly, “What should we do now? Do we go for them? If we fight them, we’ll likely sustain some damage and might wear out the crystals in our body.”

During their previous fights, they all fought and assailed their targets together.

Therefore, they were able to effortlessly dispatch their opponents without bean wearing out their crystals.

James stared at the seven opponents before them and said, “These powerhouses are headed by Milo from the Primordial Demonic Ape Race.How about we attack Milo together and eliminate him first?”

James’ party began to discuss their next step.

The team headed by Milo was also making plans.

“The woman seems to be the weakest.Let’s work together to eliminate her first.”

“I think it’s doable.”

“We’ll attack simultaneously.”


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