The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2843

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2843-Their discussion concluded very quickly.

Right after James’ side also quickly came to a decision.

As soon as they had sorted out their plans, all of them prepared themselves for battle.

James also did not hold back and used everything at his disposal.

He even summoned the Infinity Stele.

One of the Infinity Steles immediately rushed ahead.

The Infinity Stele enlarged and became 100 meters in size.

It hurtled into the distance with deadly force.


Many creatures quickly evaded the Infinity Stele.

Boom! The Infinity Stele crashed into the ground and created a deep pit in the arena.

The attack played a huge role in dividing the battlefield.

Milo’s party quickly dispersed to dodge the attack.

In that moment, the powerhouses from James’ alliance also immediately attacked Milo.

Milo did not expect the opponents to target him first.

However, he was a powerhouse and belonged to the Primordial Demonic Ape Race, one of the Ten Primordial Fiends.He immediately reverted to his true form, which had powerful physical strength.

At the same time, he activated a Supernatural Power similar to the Sacriligeous Ascension.

Milo resisted the series of attacks using his brute force and the enhancements from his Supernatural Power.

Then, he swiftly created distance from James and the others to regroup with his team members.

Concurrently, Milo’s party immediately launched fierce attacks at Brielle.

James shouted, “Careful!”

He quickly dashed toward Brielle and shoved her behind him.

The Infinite Steles deflected their opponents’ attacks.

James, on the other hand, was only mildly impacted by the shock and did not sustain substantial damage.

The crystal in his body still remained intact.

A fierce brawl broke out in the arena.

More than a dozen powerhouses were engaged in the battle, and various Supernatural Powers and treasures were unleashed upon each other.

Imperial Weapons, rare treasures, and all kinds of extraordinary Yogacaras appeared in the arena.

At this point, no one bothered to conceal their power and utilized every means at their disposal to come out on top.

The large brawl eventually turned into one-on-one battles.

However, James’ alliance had more people.

This allowed James, Feb, and Qusai to team up against Milo.

Milo was very powerful and had tremendous physical strength.

However, James was not weak either.

James used everything at his disposal, and with Feb’s assistance, he inflicted injury after injury on Milo.

This caused Milo’s crystal to gradually be used up.

During the fight, James demonstrated the true might of his swordsmanship skills.

He used the First, Second, Third, and Forth Swordsmanship consecutively and forced Milo to retreat.

Moreover, James had grasped the concept of Murderous Energy and integrated it into his swordsmanship.

After fusing Murderous Energy into his swordsmanship, he named it the Swordsmanship of Destruction.

Although Milo was incredibly powerful, James’ Swordsmanship of Destruction continuously dealt n.ovelebook damage to him and eventually consumed his crystal.

The intense battle continued to take place.

Apart from James, who used all his ultimate moves, the other creatures tried their best to dodge as much as they could and avoid directly confronting anyone.

The fight went on for a very long time.

The entire arena was full of Sword Shadows.

These shadows merged, and James’ physical body reappeared.

As soon as he reappeared, the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword stabbed through Milo’s body.

James then transformed into a beam of Sword Light and pierced Milo’s body once more.

This gave Milo a gruesome wound.

Countless Sword Energies burst out from Milo’s wounds, and his injuries immediately recovered.

At that moment, Feb also struck viciously.

A Devouring Force swept over to Milo and crashed into him.

Milo persisted for half a day against their non-stop attacks but gradually was unable to bean keep up, and the crystal in his body was depleted.

Milo was eliminated and disappeared from the arena.


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