The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2844

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2844-Milo was incredibly powerful and endured for almost half a day despite being simultaneously attacked by James, Feb, and Qusai.

After defeating Milo, the remaining participants advanced to the next level of the arena.

There were many halos in the arena.

The contenders quickly occupied areas under the halos when they appeared in the new arena.

The halo in the made one immune to damage and could restore the energy of one’s crystals.

The white halos gave one a temporary strength boost, while the blue halos also gave one a magical shield that temporarily improved one’s defenses.

Lastly, the pink halos improved one’s speed.

The halos were all immediately occupied by the participants.

James also managed to occupy one of the speed boosting halos.

At that moment, his speed improved tremendously, and he quickly made his way to the arena’s central region.

Brielle stood under the halo in the center.

Soon, Qusai and the others also came over to the central region.

There were only six opponents left on the other team.

James said confidently, “There’s only six of them left.Five of us will do one- on-one battles while the rest can attack the remaining one as a team.If we keep up with it, they’ll all be eliminated very soon.”

Maveth nodded and said, “Mhm.Sounds good.Let’s do that now.”

After they came up with a tactic, they quickly eliminated their opponents.

One participant from the opposing team would be eliminated every 12 hours.

Soon, there were only nine powerhouses left in the arena.

The final contenders were James, Feb, Qusai, Lucifer, Brielle, Maveth, Matilde, Wilvalor, and Yorick.

The nine of them were transported to the next arena.

This time, none of them rushed to claim the halos.

They all gathered in the arena’s central region.

Maveth looked at James and the others, asking, “Now, there are only nine of us left.How do we proceed?”

James said smilingly, “We’ll fight one-on-one as we agreed previously.The winner proceeds to the next fight, and the loser will be eliminated.”

Yorick looked at James and asked, “Who’ll go first?”

Wilvalor said, “Yeah, who’s going first? Whoever fights first will be at a disadvantage.”

James did not know how to respond.

The arena immediately fell into silence.

Jame began to secretly discuss with his comrades.

“My idea is that I’d fight in the first round of the one-on-one.After I eliminate one of them, they will only have three left when we proceed to the next level.When that happens, we’ll attack the remaining three at once and eliminate all of them in one fell swoop.After we’re the last ones remaining, we’ll discuss who will seize the providence.”

Strategies were essential on the battlefield.

James had already made plans for how to proceed.

Everyone looked at James and agreed with his plan.

After gaining their support, James stepped forward and said, “Since you guys think that the first to fight will be at a disadvantage, n.ovel.ebook how about I volunteer myself for it? You guys discuss and see who’ll be my opponent.”

James looked at Maveth, Matilde, Wilvalor, and Yorick.

Seeing that James wanted to fight first, the four of them frowned.

They all knew that while James had the lowest cultivation rank among them, he had countless ways to compensate for it.

With that means at his disposal, James was actually the most difficult opponent.

Maveth, Matilde, Wilvalor, and Yorick remained silent.

None of them wanted to fight first, nor did they want to go bean up against James.

“What’s wrong? Does none of you want to fight?”

James looked at the opposing team and said, “Then this will be troublesome.Are we just going to stand around doing nothing?”


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