The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2845

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2845-Maveth thought awhile and said, “We shouldn’t have one-on-one battles.Regardless of the order, it will not be fair for everyone.I think we should dissolve our alliance and have a battle royale.Whether or not one reaches the end will then be dependent on their own strength.”

“A battle royale?”

James frowned.

James was confident in his strength and knew he would definitely make it to the end.He was not worried about Feb and Qusai either.

However, he was most concerned about Brielle.

Brielle was strong, but she was weaker than Maveth and his party.

She would not make it to the end if they were to have a no-holds- barred battle.

“I’m fine with whatever,” Lucifer said nonchalantly.

Lucifer was also confident in himself.

He obtained the greatest boon from the Second Calamity, the Elysian Inscription.

After analyzing it properly, he could unleash explosive and destructive power using the Elysian Inscription.

Moreover, he had only gone as far as using his Fourth Combat Form in the previous battles.

Lucifer was still concealing his strength while having already mastered the Fifth Combat Form.

Therefore, he was not bothered by whatever form of battle they chose to perform.

Brielle stood beside James.

She glanced at him and said, “James.”

James understood what she was trying to tell him and reassured her.

“Don’t worry.I’ll protect you until the very end.If I’m able to obtain it, I already promised to give you the providence to atone for my past mistakes.”

“I don’t need it.”

Brielle She did not want anything from James, especially not the providence James worked so hard to obtain.

All she wanted was a Secret Art from the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Above all, whether James could make it to the end and obtain the providence was still uncertain.

Maveth asked, “What do you guys think?”

James was still contemplating.

He felt that a battle royale would put him at a disadvantage since there were many powerful people on his side—Feb, Qusai, and Brielle.

However, Maveth’s point that only one of them would be able to obtain the providence was correct.

“If a battle royale is what you want, then go ahead.”

After a brief hesitation, James nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then we’ll fight each other on every level of the arena.”

Yorick reminded them, “We need to agree not to gang up on the people we’re fighting.”

James shrugged and said, “I can’t agree to that.People are entitled to making their own decisions on who they want to target.”

After speaking, James turned to Feb and Qusai with a knowing smirk.

Since they were in an arena, they were all technically battling each other.

Battles were not about fairness but about whoever had superior strength and strategies.

Although it was a battle royale, they could still team up and target one person.

James did not want to waste any more time.He secretly contacted Brielle using telepathy.

“Rush over to the golden light halo in the center.Stay in there for now, and don’t come out.”

Brielle nodded in response.

While their opponents were distracted, she quickly seized the opportunity and dashed as fast as she could to the halo in the center.

James likewise immediately dashed to a white halo.

The magical energy emitted by the white halo suffused his body and improved his strength.

Lucifer, Feb, and Qusai followed suit and rushed toward the other halos in the arena.

“Hold on, all of you!”

Maveth bellowed furiously, “We haven’t even settled the rules yet.How can you guys claim the halos while we’re still discussing?!”

James sensed the increase in his strength and replied bean with a faint smile, “We’ve already decided that we’re having a battle royale.

What other rules do we need?”


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