The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2847

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2847-James smiled threateningly.

“If I don’t fight you, then who are you suggesting I go after? I’ll have to attack someone eventually.Are you just expecting us stay in this aimless stalemate?”

Yorick’s expression became terrifyingly dark.

In his previous fight against James, he deliberately concealed his last resort.

However, Yorick knew he was not a match against the current James who had his strength enhanced.

Yorick was anxious.

‘What should I do?’ While he was in thought, James had already leaped towards him.

Yorick shouted, “Damn it.If I’m destined to be eliminated, then I’ll make you expend your crystal’s energy!”

At that moment, Yorick immediately transformed into the Athuran Combat Form’s Third Stage.His face became green, and his teeth sharpened into fangs.

A black armor covered his body, and his body erupted with blazing energy.

Boom! James did not hold back.

The Infinity Steles revolving around him aggressively rushed toward Yorick one after the other.

Yorick had already experienced the incredible strength of the Infinity Steles, so he did not dare to forcefully deflect them.

Instead, he kept dodging their attacks.

However, James was simply using the Infinity Steles to distract Yorick.

His actual attack was not by using the Infinity Stele but through the various Supernatural Powers and Secret Attacks he had mastered.He immediately casted Curse Magic, using both Confinement and Cycle of Time on Yorick.

Then, he followed up with his skilled swordsmanship.

Yorick was struggling to withstand James’ attacks.

In a short moment, he was struck a few dozen times by James’ sword.

All the points that had been struck were Yorick’s vital points.

If not for the crystal, Yorick would have been incapacitated.

Fortunately, he is barely resisted James’ attacks with the crystal’s protection.

He spat out furiously, “Die!!!”

After shouting, Yorick raised the Athuran Sword and charged at y= James, forcefully knocking away the attacks of the Infinity Stele.

Yorick broke through the formation and summoned several Sword Energies from the Athuran Sword.

‘ The Sword Energies darted directly at James.Yorick was terrifying when he was angry.

James was caught off guard and failed to properly parry the attack.

He was struck by a few of the Sword Energies.

The energy of the crystal in his body was immediately consumed.

However, James did not sustain any injuries.James used exceptional sword- fighting techniques, and his speed was blinding. He swung his sword, and thousands of Sword Energies slammed into Yorick.

At that moment, Maveth and Matilde exchanged glances.

They immediately understood their signal to act and quickly dashed toward James.

“I’ll be the one fighting you!”

Feb shouted and blocked Maveth’s attack.

Meanwhile, Qusai laped at Matilde.

They immediately engaged in battle.

Although Maveth and Matilde were obstructed, they avoided fighting Feb and Qusai.

Instead, they quickly dodged and looked for more opportunities to strike at James.

At the moment, James was practically taking on three people at once.

Moreover, the three of them desperately tried to attack James, using all their means to consume the energy in James’ crystal.

Seeing this scene, Lucifer smiled and murmured, “Go on, keep & fighting.The desperately you guys fight each other, the better it is for me.”

Lucifer was happy to see the situation unfold.

James and the other powerhouses were locked in combat, so he could use the opportunity to rest and recuperate.

Meanwhile, Brielle anxiously watched James being swarmed at from within the halo at the arena’s central region.


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