The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2848

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2848-Maveth and Matilde deliberately avoided fighting Feb and Qusai.

They secretly waited for another chance to attack James.

At that moment, Yorick was enraged.

He no longer cared about whether he could reach the last level of the arena.

He went berserk and attacked James viciously.

Although James had the Infinity Steles, Yorick forcibly breached their defenses and dealt a devastating blow to James.

Initially, James was able to handle Yorick calmly.

However, Maveth and Matilde occasionally snuck in blows at him, and he would get injured while distracted.

After fighting for a while, the crystal in James’ body had its energy spent.

James cursed out, “Damn it.”

At that moment, he no longer held back.

He had to eliminate one of them as soon as possible to concentrate on the other opponents.

Countless Sword Energies emerged out of his body.

He had summoned his Yogacara.

James’ Yogacara Sword Energy flowed into the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword.

The sword energy and the sword were from Genesis.

When James’ Natal Yogacara entered the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, it immediately strengthened James’ sword.


After James yelled, he slashed at Maveth.

When James fought against Maveth previously, he exerted all his strength but could not even break through Maveth’s defense.

This time, James’ attack caused Maveth’s scales to fall off, and rip a bloody gash into his body.

Unfortunately, the wounds healed instantly.

‘Damn it! How did he become so strong?’ Shocked, Maveth quickly retreated.

After Maveth blacked off, James unleashed high full might on Yorick.

Boom! The Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword slammed against the Athuran Sword.

Their powerful forces collided, and Yorick was sent flying.

Yorick’s body began to disintegrate.

The impact would have wiped him out if not for the crystal in his body.

After successfully landing the blow on Yorick, James quickly followed up with another attack.

Before Yorick could steady himself, another Sword Energy shot at him.

He attempted to dodge, but it was already too late.

The Sword Energy pierced through his body, and the the energy in his crystal was completely depleted.

Lucifer watched the fight in shock.

Everyone present displayed tremendous strength.

Everyone was an equal opponent, but he felt that James posed the biggest threat.

Moreover, James’ strength had also grown significantly.

“After so many rounds, James is finally using his full strength to fight.”

Lucifer murmured, “James is the strongest opponent here.

If I don’t down him now, defeating him will be difficult after he’s had sufficient time to recover.”

Lucifer quickly made a plan.He wanted to take advantage of James being teamed up on by others.He planned to wait for an opportunity to strike and inflict severe damage on James to deplete his crystal’s energy.

Meanwhile, Wilvalor also observed the brawl from a distance.

James showed overwhelming strength.

If Yorick and the other candidates were eliminated, he could defeat James on his own.

His chances of reaching the last arena would be increased if he used this opportunity to eliminate James.

At that moment, Lucifer jumped into action.

He immediately entered his Fifth Combat Form.

After entering the Fifth Combat Form, his hair turned pink, and his body gave off a pink glow.

The black sword he had also immediately turned pink.

“watch out, James!”

Brielle had been paying close attention to the fights.

When she saw Lucifer enter his Combat Form, she knew what he was plotting and quickly warned James.


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