The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2849

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2849-At that moment, Wilvalor quickly entered the fray.He charged at James at an incredible speed and appeared behind James.He thrust his palm through the gap between the Infinity Steles and struck James with great force.

James’ back was struck extremely forcefully and he jerked forward.

“Get lost.”

James held the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, turned around, and attacked with his sword.

Dazzling Sword Energy burst out and pierced Wilvalor’s body.

Wilvalor quickly retreated and kept a certain distance from James.

At that moment, a strange inscription imbued with the power of lightning appeared above him.

Immediately, thousands of lightning bolts struck down at James.

The Infinity Steles blocked off most of the lightning.

However, the lightning strikes were extremely numerous, and a few managed to strike James.

Every bolt that struck James caused his crystal to wear down even further.

James cursed furiously, “Damn it!”

He knew Lucifer would get in his way, but he was not expecting him to attack now.

Seeing this, Brielle left the golden halo.She quickly rushed toward Lucifer and summoned a blue lotus.

The lotus intercepted the strange inscriptions in the sky.

After the lotus struck the inscriptions, cracks formed in the space around them.


Lucifer snorted and called back the inscriptions.

He raised his Imperial Weapon and charged at James.

Before he could reach James, a 10,000-meter-long Sword Energy struck down from the sky.

The Sword Energy slammed into the Infinity Steles.

The Infinity Steles reeled from the force and fell from the air, crashing into the ground.

Feb screeched angrily after seeing James being attacked from all sides.

“Damn it!”

She wanted to help James but was pre- occupied with Maveth.She had no choice but to concentrate on the fight with Maveth first.

However, Maveth’s strength was on par with hers and Feb was unable to shake him off.

At that moment, Matilde was also keeping Qusai occupied.

Brielle also tried to stop Lucifer, but she was much weaker than him and was struck by his sword.

Without the crystal, she would have been incapacitated or even lost her life after being struck by Lucifer’s sword.

Lucifer ignored Brielle and rushed toward James.

Haha! n Seeing that Wilvalor and Lucifer had teamed up against James, Yorick cackled haughtily.

“Even if I’m going to be eliminated, I’ll take you down with me.”

James looked at Lucifer, Wilvalor, and Yorick surrounding him.

With a calm expression, he said, “So what if the three of you gang up against me? Even though Lucifer and Wilvalor joined the fight, I’ll still eliminate you.”

James unleashed some black mist from his body.

The mist immediately gathered to form a black lotus.

He stepped on the black lotus and swung his leg.

Black mist swept out from the Demonic Lotus and rushed toward Yorick.

The black mist immediately enveloped Yorick’s body.

At that moment, Yorick could feel the black mist rapidly absorbing the energy in his body.

He roared out loud and struggled to break free, “Argh!!!”

James charged at him, slashed at Yorick’s head, and cleaved Yorick in half.

Yorick’s body which was split in half, quickly rejoined.

He retreated, but James was on his tail and chased him relentlessly.


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