The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2850

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2850-James controlled the Infinity Steles, allowing them to revolve around him and block the attacks from Lucifer and Wilvalor.

At the same time, he threw everything into attacking Yorick.

His current strength was much superior to Yorick’s.

Yorick retreated continuously, but James chased after him relentlessly.

Faced with an onslaught of James’ various Supernatural Powers, Yorick had no room to fight back.

James would have killed Yorick a hundred times over if it were not for the crystal in his body.

Meanwhile, Wilvalor and Lucifer launched another series of attacks at James.

Although James had the Infinity Steles protecting him, Wilvalor was a powerhouse that specialized in physical strength.

With one punch, he knocked one of the Infinity Steles away.

He quickly seized the chance, dashed toward James’ back, and swung a powerful punch at James.

James’ attention was concentrated on Yorick, so by the time he realized the danger he was already struck in the back.

The blow left a gruesome wound on his back.

His crystal’s energy was consumed, and the wound on his back immediately recovered.

James turned around and swung his sword at Wilvalor.

However, Wilvalor quickly backed away after successfully landing the hit and easily dodged James’ sword.

Suddenly, thousands of sword shadows appeared throughout the space.

Wilvalor’s expression immediately grew guarded.

Before he could react, James was already behind him.

As soon as James came close, Wilvalor’s body was pierced by a sword, and the countless sword shadows fused together and passed through his body.

The attack caused substantial damage to Wilvalor and consumed a significant amount of his crystal’s energy.

At that moment, Lucifer dashed over with his Imperial Weapon.

James reacted and swiftly raised the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword to parry the attack.

Boom! The two extraordinary swords clashed, and terrifying shock waves burst through the air.

James was immediately sent flying.

Meanwhile, the terrifying Sword Energy also injured Lucifer, and wounds began to form throughout his body.

At that moment, Lucifer’s body also showed signs of disintegrating.

In this dire moment, the crystal within Lucifer’s body absorbed the damage and healed the wounds on his body.

“James is terrifyingly strong.”

Lucifer was shocked.

He was already in his Fifth Combat Form but could barely withstand James’ attack.

If not for the crystal in his body, James’ attack would have seriously injured him.

At that moment, James was in his strongest combat state.

He even used the Yogacara Sword Energy in his body.

The Sword Energy and Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword were from the same element of Genesis.

Therefore, the Yogacara Sword Energy enhanced the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword’s power.

“Damn it!”

James’ face also darkened.

He could not concentrate on dealing with Yorick with Lucifer and Wilvalor being constantly on his back.

James had to eliminate Yorick and enter the next level of the arena as soon as possible.

After that, it would be easier for them to proceed to the following levels.

If the current situation continued and if he managed to eliminate Yorick, he would still have to consume half of his crystal’s energy.

It would put him at a disadvantage in the next level of the arena.

Boom! Suddenly, James sent the Infinity Steles toward Wilvalor and Lucifer.

The steles hurtled at them dangerously.

The 108 Infinity Steles bombarded them one after another.

Although Wilvalor and Lucifer were strong, they did not dare to take damage from the Infinity Stele.

Thus, they kept avoiding the attacks.

Meanwhile, James seized the opportunity to quickly rush toward Yorick. He raised the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword and struck him.

Yorick forcefully withstood the attack.

The two swords clashed.

Yorick was sent flying by the colossal force.

James quickly took advantage of the situation and hounded him.

In a flash, James appeared in front of Yorick and struck him again.

A bright Sword Energy emerged and pierced through Yorick’s body.

After gaining the upper hand, James followed up with a series of attacks.


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