The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2857

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2857-James shouted, “Attack!” He immediately cast all the Secret Arts he had learned and entered his strongest combat state.

Feb and Qusai also transformed into their true form, and their energies increased explosively.

Maveth shouted from a distance, “You’re fighting me, Gorger.” He quickly transformed into a huge, golden ant and charged toward Feb.

Feb avoided his attacks and looked for an opening to attack Matilde.

“Pll take you on, James.” Lucifer’s voice echoed, and he immediately charged at James with his Imperial Weapon.

Swoosh! Dazzling Sword Energy burst forth.

However, the Sword Energy merely cut James’ shadow.

James’ real body was already charging directly at the Multicolored Flame Python, Matilde.

Sword Energies continuously flew out from the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword.

The Sword Energies contained terrifying Sword Intent, including Samadhi Sword Intent, Murderous Intent, and Sword Intent formed by James’ Sage Energy.

The Sword Energies slammed into the Multicolored Flame Python with overwhelming strength and sent her reeling.

Matidle’s body swayed from the impact.

Gradually, her scales were shattered, and blood oozed out from the skin underneath.

James’ strongest combat state was terrifying.

Although the Multicolored Flame Python was a descendant of the Ten Primordial Fiends, she could not withstand Jams’ attacks, and the crystal in her body was slowly being consumed.

At the same time, James directed the Infinity Steles to crush Matilde.

The Multicolored Flame Python had a colossal body.

Despite being able to move swiftly, the python’s body was an easy target for the Infinity Steles because of its sheer size.

The Infinity Steles smashed into Matilde’s body one after another, causing significant damage.

Suddenly, Lucifer unleashed the Elysian Inscription, and it released oppressive amounts of energy.

James felt a crushing pressure on his body.

He instantly fell from the sky and crashed into the ground below.

Bang! His body slammed into the arena, and caused a huge crevase to form.

James was trapped underneath the arena.

Lucifer did not give James a chance to recover.

As soon as James fell to the ground, several bolts of lightning immediately emerged from the Elysian Inscription and bombarded the area where James had fallen.

Several of the Infinity Steles quickly zoomed over and blocked the lightning strikes.

Swoosh! A figure shot up from the caved-in surface.

The moment James rushed up to the sky, countless strands of black mist seeped out of his body and shrouded it to form black armor.

The shape of the armor was very unusual and it seemed to be made from the Demonic Lotus’ petals.

James was forced to use Ten Thousand Demon Art and deploy the Natal Lotus to create protective armor for himself.

As long as he could prevent his body from sustaining damage, he would be able to avoid expending his crystal’s energy.

With the protection of the Demonic Lotus, James seized the opportunity to viciously attack the Multicolored Flame Python.

Lucifer’s face became solemn.

He cursed in his heart, ‘Damn it.

James is as resilient as a cockroach.

He not only has the Infinity Steles, but he also obtained my father’s Demonic Lotus.

It’s going to be difficult to eliminate him.’ Regardless of how tough James was as an opponent, Lucifer would have a chance if James was distracted.

When that happened, Lucifer would be able to exhaust his crystal’s energy.

If Maveth or Matilde were eliminated, then Feb and Qusai would be free to do as they please.

Then, he would have to fight against two or even three of them together.

It would put Lucifer in a tough position.


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