The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2858

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2858-After analyzing the situation, Lucifer began to look for opportunities to deal severe damage to James.

However, James had the protection of the Infinity Steles and the Demonic Lotus petals that made up his armor.

As such, Lucifer’s attacks were unable to deal much damage to James.

Moreover, James deliberately avoided him, so it was hard to find an opening.

Since he could not find an opportunity to attack James, he changed his target to Qusai.

Lucifier’s strategy was to wear out Qusai’s crystal as much as he could or better yet, to eliminate him if it was possible.

By doing so, he could even the odds against him in the following few levels.

Qusai was focused on attacking the Multicolored Flame Python, when Lucifer suddenly intervened and started attacking him.

He could not deal with both of them at once, so he turned his focus to Lucifer first.

Seeing this, James quickly communicated Qusai telepathically, saying, “Be careful.

Lucifer is a very tough opponent.

Try to avoid fighting him head-on if possible.

I’ll try and find a chance to eliminate the Multicolored Flame Python as soon as possible.” Qusai replied, “Focus on your fight, James.

Although Lucifer is strong, I won’t be eliminated that easily.” After Lucifer shifted his target, James was now unburdened.

He launched fierce attacks on the Multicolored Flame Python, using every method at his disposal.

However, Multicolored Flame Python would not go down so easily.

Her Multicolored Flames damaged James and exhausted some of his crystal’s energy.

However, James was unfazed by this.

James was superior to the Multicolored Flame Python in every aspect.

The fight went on for over an hour.

After the long battle, the Multicolored Flame Python’s Sage Energy was fully spent, and she was exhausted.

James quickly seized the opportunity to attack her relentlessly.

After being bombarded with attacks for the next few minutes, the Multicolored Flame Python’s crystal was completely exhausted, and she was transported out of the arena.

The battle in the arena was finally over.

Soon, their surroundings changed once more.

James and the others were teleported safely into a new arena.

After they arrived in the new arena, they all chose to stop fighting for the time being as they were expecting a new boon to appear in the new arena.

No one knew where the next boon would appear, so they scattered themselves throughout the arena and paid close attention to their surroundings as they waited for it to show up.

James looked at Qusai in the distance and reached out to him telepathically.

“How are you doing? How much energy does your crystal have left?” Qusai replied, “Lucifer was indeed a tough opponent.

I sustained damage and consumed a lot of my crystal’s energy.

Right now, I only have about one-third of its energy left.” James also followed up with Feb.

Feb was on par with Maveth, and both of them dealt damage to each other’s crystal.

Fortunately, Feb’s crystal still had half of its energy left.

James also estimated that Maveth’s crystal was half depleted.

It was likely that his crystal and Lucifer’s had the most energy remaining.

However, James had fought for so long, and the others were constantly trying to sneak a hit on him.

Thus, his crystal also expended a lot of energy.

Based on his deductions, Lucifer’s crystal had the most energy in it.

James glanced at Lucifer.

Sensing James’ gaze, Lucifer turned to James with a faint smile.

Meanwhile, Maveth stood in a corner with a gloomy expression.

His comrade Matilde was eliminated, so he was definitely going to be the next target.

Maveth speculated that Lucifer would not make a move on the new arena but would choose to safely enter the next level as it would increase his chances of obtaining the providence.

While considering the situation, Maveth cursed, “Damn it.” After they appeared in the new arena, the Guardian revealed himself again.

The Guardian looked at everyone in the arena and sincerely praised them.

He had been watching everything from the shadows and knew James had teleported Brielle into the Celestial Abode.

The Guardian coughed softly, “A-hem.”


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