The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2860

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2860-The treasure on this level of the arena was obtained by Qusai.

The Cultivation Encyclopedia was valuable, and Qusai was glad he came to the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins.

Even if he were to be eliminated now, he had no regret.

At that moment, he felt his clan’s decision to befriend James was a wise move.

He managed to obtain good fortune just by accompanying James.

If he were to stand against James, he would never have had the chance to seize the Cultivation Encyclopedia.

Lucifer was incredibly upset that Qusai managed to obtain the treasure.

He wanted to claim all the remaining treasures for himself, but another person snatched it from under his nose.

Maveth was also incredibly displeased.

James looked at the others in the arena and deliberated on who they had to eliminate on this level.

His gaze stopped on Maveth.

Seeing James staring him down, Maveth immediately knew what James intended to do.

“Why are you staring at me like that, James? Are you planning to eliminate me on this level?” James nodded lightly and said, “Correct.” Maveth looked at Lucifer and began to plead with him.

“Lucifer, you still haven’t gone all out against James.

Once I’m eliminated, you’ll have to contend with three powerful enemies.

Do you really think you can fight three of them alone?” Despite his desperate situation, Maveth still did not want to give up.

He wanted to advance further and get a boon from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age from the next level so that he would not leave empty-handed.

Lucifer glanced at James.

At that moment, his expression hardened.

He contemplated for a while before saying, “I have a suggestion.” James looked at him and said, “What is it?” Lucifer said, “There are not many people left in the arena.

How about letting everyone obtain a treasure for themselves?” Then, Lucifer looked at Maveth and said, “I propose to let you claim the treasure from the next arena, but in exchange, you’ll have to forfeit in the next round.

What do you say?” “Sure,” Maveth agreed without hesitation.

Lucifer looked at James and said, “I won’t seize the treasure on the next level.

After Maveth obtains the next treasure, it’ll be Gorger’s turn.

Then, those who get a boon will have to remove themselves from the arena.” “In the end, the two of us will fight, and whoever wins will proceed to the last arena and seize the final providence.” “As for the girl in the Celestial Abode, I don’t care about her.

If you’re eliminated, then she is too.

What do you say?” Lucifer proposed a suggestion.

He had obtained a Supernatural Power earlier and was content with his lot.

It was a treasure from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age, and he could become one of the greatest in the universe if he cultivated it to its fullest potential.

Moreover, he already had the Elysian Inscription.

The Elysian Inscription was full of wonders.

As long as he completely comprehended the Elysian Inscription, he could dominate this age.

His suggestion turned the odds in his favor.

Otherwise, he might end up fighting James, Qusai, and the Feb by himself.

Although he was confident in his own strength, he would surely be defeated if three powerhouses attacked him at once.

He would only have to fight James if they agreed to his suggestion.

Lucifer was confident in winning in a one-on-one battle.

After James heard his suggestion, he turned to Qusai and Feb, asking, “What do you two think?” Qusai said, “I’ve already obtained a treasure from the Ancient Heavenly Court.

This trip has already paid off for me.

Even if I’m eliminated now, I’m content with my lot.” Feb thought for a while and said, “If I can guarantee myself a treasure, then I’m not bothered with obtaining the providence.”


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