The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2853

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2853-A terrifying power spread through the air, knocking everyone away.

At the pivotal moment, a mysterious inscription appeared in the sky.

It transformed into a powerful force and spread through the air, instantly immobilizing everyone.

“Haha! It’s mine!”

Lucifer chuckled, grabbed the jade, and put it away.He had used the Elysian Inscription to imprison everyone.

By the time James and the other creatures broke free from the Elysian Inscription’s bindings, Lucifer had already seized the Thirty-Six Demonic Art.After Lucifer snatched the jade, he quickly retreated into a corner of the arena.

He looked at everyone’s jealous stares and said smugly, “Guys, since I managed to obtain the Thirty-Six Demonic Art, it means that it was destined to be mine. Don’t fight me over it.There’s more on the next levels.Right now, it’s more important to eliminate someone so we can proceed to the next arena.”

Lucifer’s voice carried through the arena.

Maveth cursed out, “Damn it.”

Thirty-Six Demonic Art was a terrifying Supernatural Power, and Maveth was disappointed he could not get it since Lucifer snatched it with his cunning tactics.

Everyone else was dissatisfied with what had just happened.

However, they all knew it would be tough to snatch away the Thirty -Six Demonic Art since Lucifer had already claimed it.

James and the other creatures descended from the sky and landed in the arena.

James, Feb, Qusai, and Brielle huddled together.

The four looked at the others in the arena.

Qusai asked, “What should we do now, James?”

James said, “What else can we do except fight? You should continue fighting Matilde, and Feb will focus on Maveth.”

Feb looked at James and said with a frown, “Are you going to go against the other two? Wilvalor and Lucifer are both very powerful.

Lucifer is especially formidable since he has the Elysian Inscription which contains great strength.

He isn’t going to be an easy opponent.”

“I know.”

James had a solemn expression.

Lucifer was indeed going to be hard to defeat.

However, Brielle was still too weak to fight either Lucifer or Wilvalor.

Thus, he had no choice but to fight them both himself.

James murmured, “I’ll have to take down Wilvalor first.”

Since James had fought both Lucifer and Wilvalor, he determined that the latter was the weaker one between the two of them.

He was fully confident he could eliminate Wilvalor without expending too much of his crystal’s energy if Lucifer did not interfere.

Lucifer seemed to have inferred what James and the others were discussing.

He smiled and said, “I don’t plan to join in on the fun on this level.I’ve exhausted a lot of my Sage Energy after fighting for so long.I’m going to rest and restore my energy.”

Maveth looked at Feb with a grim expression.


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