The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2854

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2854-After fighting for an extended period, the remaining contenders had used up a lot of their Sage Energy. As such, Lucifer had chosen to stay out of battle in the current arena to rest and recover his Sage Energy.

Maveth and Matilde also came to the same conclusion. For now, they would recover and safely enter the next level of the arena.

Wilvalor panicked at their words.

James smiled at the anxious Wilvalor.

Now that Wilvalor was his only opponent, eliminating him would be an easy task.

James held the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword and slowly walked toward Wilvalor. Feb and Qusai also followed behind him.

Seeing the three powerhouses walking toward him, Wilvalor clenched his teeth. If he knew this would happen, he would not have chosen to attack James on the previous level. After he assisted his fellow friends, they easily abandoned him.

Although he was also a powerhouse, he could not fight against three strong opponents at once.

‘What can I do?’ Wilvalor was distraught.

James did not give him an opportunity to think and swiftly lunged at him.

Feb and Qusai also followed up with aggressive attacks. Knowing that the others were trying to recover their strength during this period, James wanted to end the battle as soon as possible and minimize the time they had to rest.

On the other hand, James was not bothered about exhausting his strength. Since he had the Elemental Inversion, he could recover his strength instantaneously. Since he was able to fight for 30,000 years straight in the past, he was not worried about having insufficient energy to fight the next few battles.

Soon, a fierce battle broke out.

It was clearly a one-sided battle.

Wilvalor was completely helpless in the face of three powerhouses, and his crystal’s energy was rapidly expended.

He was eliminated in less than half an hour.

Once again, they were transported to a new arena.

After their surroundings changed, all the remaining contenders except for Brielle immediately rushed into the sky, waiting for the next Supernatural Power to appear. Brielle remained on the ground.

The Guardian reappeared in the arena. He raised his head and smiled after seeing everyone except Brielle in the sky.

“I commend you all on your speed. You’ve already eliminated another person so quickly. Congratulations on making it to this level. There is another Supernatural Power on this level, called Heatherum.”

The Guardian began to introduce the Supernatural Power.

“During the Ancient Heavenly Court Age, there was an incredibly powerful individual called the Ancestral Cultivator Master. Although he wasn’t an Ancestral God, he was capable of standing as equals among them.”

“Heatherum is a unique martial art skill created by him. Since ancient times, he was the only person who had successfully mastered it.”

The Guardian shared information about the name and origin of Heatherum.

The contenders floated in the air listening to him while paying attention to their surroundings. All of them were eager to claim it as soon as it appears since the first person who claims it would be the rightful owner.

This time, James was also prepared. Brielle knew she was too weak to compete with the rest. As such, she sensibly stayed out of it. She hoped to survive and reach the arena’s higher levels, where there would be lesser competition.

This would give her a feasible chance to acquire other Supernatural Powers.

He secretly activated Demonic Energy and intended to use Confinement on the others as soon as the Supernatural Power appeared. Then, he could snatch it while the others were too occupied to react.

At that moment, a soft white light suddenly appeared in the area.

This time, the white light did not appear in the sky but hovered a few meters above the arena. The location where the white light spawned was directly in front of Brielle.

Seeing the white light appear before her, Brielle’s heart pounded rapidly. She quickly grabbed the white light and stored it away.


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