The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2855

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2855-“Mine!”

As soon as Brielle put it away, a powerhouse sprang for her.

Maveth rushed over and struck Brielle, blasting her away with great force.

Fortunately, Brielle had already put away the treasure in her storage space.

James descended from the sky and stood before Brielle.He smiled at her.

“You’re pretty lucky to have gotten that.”

Brielle smiled mischievously and said, “I wasn’t expecting it either.I had no intention of getting Heatherum, but it appeared right in front of me.”

The other creatures glared at Brielle with hostile expressions.

Maveth walked over, stretched out his hand, and said, “Hand it over!”

Brielle moved behind James.

James glanced at Maveth and said disdainfully, “Since she’s claimed it, there’s no reason to hand it over to you.

Our fight previously ended in a draw, so let’s settle it once and for all.”James glanced at the others in the arena and said, “You should stay out of this and let me fight Maveth properly.

Between his physical strength and my Divine Crepe Myrtle Sword, I’d like to see which will come out on top.”

Lucifer shrugged and said, “Do as you please.I’ll just watch from here.”

Since they had advanced so far in the arena, the others were relieved to not have to fight.

The further they could advance, the higher their chances of obtaining the providence.

Lucifer knew there were many people on James’ side.

However, he was not afraid since he had the Elysian Inscription and its power on his side.

Moreover, James’ energy would gradually wear out the more he fought.

Thus, Lucifer realized that the more James fought, the better his own chances would be.

Although James asked for a fair fight, he secretly reached out to Feb and Qusai.

He instructed them, “Find an opportunity later to attack Maveth and inflict serious damage on him.I don’t want to fight him alone.I believe the Multicolored Flame Python will avoid fighting for now.”

Feb and Qusai nodded.

However, Maveth had already suspected their plan.He turned to Lucifer and said, “Are you sure about not fighting this round, Lucifer? The three of us should work together and eliminate James first.Otherwise, Matilde will be next after I’m eliminated, and you’ll have to go against the four of them in the final round.Do you think you’ll have the chance to obtain the providence against four powerhouses?”

Lucifer looked at Maveth and said calmly, “So you’re asking me to join forces with you?”

Maveth replied, “Yeah.You, Me, and Matilde should work together against James, the Gorger, and Snow Wolf.It’s our only chance of getting closer to attaining the providence.”

James also took his time.

After coming so far, obtaining the providence was left up to fate.

All of the remaining contenders were almost equally matched, and reaching the final level of the arena hinged on one’s luck.He knew Lucifer was going to be a difficult opponent.

Fortunately, he had Feb and Qusai with him.

Both of them could help him exhaust Lucifer’s crystal.

Lucifer looked at James’ party and pondered deeply.

Truthfully, he was unwilling to fight anymore.

He had already obtained an unrivaled Supernatural Power, so whether or not he seized the providence was no longer important.

Although leaping out of the Three Dimensions, relinquishing the Five Elements, and attaining an Emperor’s Body was tempting, he knew one needed to endure hardships in one’s cultivation path.

Only by doing so could one reach the ultimate pinnacle of cultivation.

Despite that, he would still welcome a chance to obtain the providence.

However, he would not feel disappointed if he did not manage to either.


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