The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2862

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2862-The remaining contenders were teleported to the next level of the arena.

As per their agreement, Feb was to be eliminated on this level.

Then, James would fight Lucifer in the following arena.

If he won, he would advance to the final level.

All this time, Lucifer was secretly drawing up a plot against James.

After this level, there were only a few more left.

If he beat James, then the fortune on the 32nd stage and the providence on the final stage would belong to him.

The Guardian appeared in the arena and smiled at the remaining people.

Lucifer asked, “What’s on this level, Mr.

Guardian?” The Guardian replied, “The Supernatural Power on this level is called Six Paths of Reincarnation.” “Six Paths of Reincarnation?” James, Lucifer, and Feb all reacted in shock.

The Guardian nodded and said, “During the Ancient Heavenly Court Age, a powerful man reached a very high cultivation rank.

He once entered the Land of Infinity and gained some profound knowledge.

After he left the place, he spent a long time creating the Six Paths of Reincarnation.” James looked at Feb and said, “The Six Paths of Reincarnation is yours.” Feb nodded and said, “Okay.” After briefly introducing the Supernatural Power, the Guardian disappeared from sight.

Immediately afterward, a black light appeared.

Feb slowly walked over and claimed it for herself.

Lucifer walked over and said, “The Gorger has to be eliminated on this level.

Don’t resist my attacks.” Feb conceded.

Lucifer immediately launched a powerful attack on her.

Feb’s crystal expended its energy.

It emptied out relatively quickly, and she was thus eliminated from the arena.

With Feb’s elimination, the surroundings morphed.

After they arrived at the new arena, James asked, “According to the rules we agreed upon, regardless of what Supernatural Power appears here, it’ll automatically be mine.

Am I correct?” Lucifer nodded and said, “Yes, it’s yours.

After you obtain the treasure on this level, we’ll have a proper fight with each other.

Whoever wins will proceed to seize the providence.” James looked at Lucifer.

Lucifer seemed confident that he could beat James with his plan.

James smiled and said, “You seem assured of your victory.

Are you sure you can defeat me?” Lucifer returned his smile silently.

Soon, the Guardian appeared.

He appeared in the center of the arena and looked at the final two participants.

James bluntly asked the question, “What’s on this level, Mr.

Guardian?” The Guardian replied, “The Supernatural Power on this level is the Secret of Heaven and Earth.” “Secret of Heaven and Earth?” James was taken aback.

The Guardian replied, “Yes.

Demonic Art and Heavenly Art were passed down from the Primeval Age.

However, a powerhouse was fortunate to learn both of them.

He fused the two together and created a new Supernatural Power called the Secret of Heaven and Earth.” “Haah.” The Guardian sighed.

“What’s the matter? Is something wrong?” asked Lucifer.

The Guardian replied, “Although the Secret of Heaven and Earth had been passed through the ages, no one in the Ancient Heavenly Court Age managed to master it.

The requirements to learn it was complicated as it required one to possess two different kinds of power.

Most cultivators only wielded one type of power, and it was also rare for people to possess both Heavenly and Demonic Energy.

Therefore, no one was capable of successfully utilizing it.” Hearing this, James frowned.

He suddenly recalled something.

‘Heavenly and Demonic Energy? ‘Why did these sound so familiar? ‘Could the powerhouse that created the Secret of Heaven and Earth be the Ancestral Needle Master? ‘Was he the one who created the Heavenly Art and Demonic Art and passed down Crucifier and Exalter?’ Although James’ mind was abuzz with his suspicions, he could not say for sure.

The Guardian did not say anything more.


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