The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2863

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2863-The Guardian then vanished.

Immediately afterward, a burst of colorful light appeared.

James quickly walked over and held the treasure in his hand.

It was a jade piece.

He looked at the jade piece and found some mysterious words engraved on it.

The unfamiliar characters moved like they were alive and kept flowing through the jade.

James was unable to read the words.

He did not bother trying to understand them and put the jade piece away into the Celestial Abode.

After James had secured the Supernatural Power, Lucifer said, “ Let out that girl, Brielle, from the Celestial Abode.” James then brought Brielle out of the Celestial Abode using his mind.

As soon as Brielle appeared in the arena, she looked at the surroundings.

She was stunned to see only Lucifer and James remained at this point.

She quickly asked, “How did everything happen so fast? Are you and Lucifer the only ones left?” James gave a small smile and explained everything that had happened.

Brielle immediately got a clear understanding of the situation.

Under normal circumstances, Lucifer would have definitely chosen to eliminate Brielle first.

However, things took a different turn.

Instead, Lucifer made an agreement with James.

Lucifer believed that Brielle was not a threat to him and could not compete with him for the providence if James was eliminated.

James looked at Brielle and said, “You should stay out of this for now.

This battle is between me and Lucifer.

If I win, you can get the providence.

However, we’ll both be eliminated if I lose.” “Alright.” Brielle nodded and retreated to a corner of the arena.

The arena was huge and its area was even bigger than Earth before the Apocalypse Age.

James stood in the arena and unleashed all his powers.

He activated the Sacriligeous Ascension, dragon bone, and Elemental Inversion.

Then, he summoned the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword.

The Infinity Steles also appeared and revolved protectively around his body.

James exuded extraordinary strength.

Lucifer, in turn, entered his Fifth Combat Form.

His Imperial Weapon immediately shone brightly, and a series of Elysian Inscriptions formed above his head.

Both James and Lucifer entered their most formidable states.

In this battle, neither of them dared to act rashly.

The outcome of this battle would determine which of them obtains the earth’s third providence and becomes the first Grand Emperor to rule over the universe of this age.

Lucifer looked at James’ imposing figure, and he smiled faintly.

James did not hide his strength in the previous battle and used all the means at his disposal.

This allowed Lucifer to have a rough idea of how James formed his battle tactics.

On the other hand, James had no idea about Lucifer’s other resources.

The Elysian Inscription was incredibly powerful.

Despite only comprehending its very basics, Lucifer felt it was already more than sufficient to deal with James.

“James.” Lucifer looked at James and said, “Since meeting you, we’ve fought twice.

Yet I lost both matches to you.

This will be our third, and I don’t intend to lose this time.” “Is that so?” James smiled faintly.

James was also confident in his own strength.

Although he had used almost everything he had, he still kept one last trump card—The 400,000 soldiers in the Celestial Abode.

The weakest among the 400,000 soldiers was close to the Sage Rank.

Meanwhile, many of them had already reached the Sage Rank’s Fifteenth Stage.

Although their cultivation base was unstable, they were still on par with powerhouses at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage.

Moreover, they had the advantage of numbers.

Lucifer would be helpless against 400,000 soldiers performing the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation.

James felt that the 400,000 soldiers’ Nine Heavens God- Annihilating Formation would easily be able to beat someone on the Divine Rank’s First Stage, let alone someone at Lucifer’s rank.

When they first entered the arena, the Guadian allowed them to utilize every resource they had available.

As such, the army in the Celestial Abode was naturally permitted to assist him in battle.

James grinned self-assuredly.

He was confident the Three- Thousand Cultivation Arts was on the next level, and that he would be able to obtain it easily.


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