The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2864

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2864-Lucifer had been originally sealed away during the Primordial Age.

James was the one who broke his seal and awakened him.

After Lucifer was awakened, he actually had the strength to kill James.

However, he could sense his father’s aura in James’ body and knew James had obtained his father’s Natal Lotus.

As such, he chose not to eliminate James.

In the following years, he fought against James twice.

However, he lost both matches.

This would be their third fight.

Lucifer was confident in his victory this time.

Although James had grown far more powerful and now had the skill to overwhelm the other prodigies of similar ages, Lucifer was still fully confident in his ability to defeat James.

According to Lucifer’s original birth date, he should have been disqualified from seizing the providence.

However, he was sealed before reaching his 20s.

While he was sealed away, his aging was halted.

Thus, he remained relatively young and was still eligible to seize the providence.

“James.” Lucifer entered his Fifth Combat Form, and his energy rose exponentially.

The Imperial Weapon in his hand glowed brightly, and it exuded an oppressive aura.

“This time, let’s have a good fight.

I’d like to see which is better between your swordsmanship and my Elysian Inscription.” Lucifer’s voice echoed.

James smiled faintly in response.

‘A good fight?’ James did not intend to give him what he wanted.

Until now, he had been using every resource he had and still had one ace in his sleeve.

Although the 400,000 soldiers were affected by the curse, they were still relatively strong and could temporarily suppress its effects.

At that moment, James was pulling out all the stops.

James contacted Nova telepathically in the Celestial Abode and informed him about wanting to use the 400,000 soldiers.

Afterward, Nova quickly went to gather the soldiers.

The 400,000 soldiers were assembled behind the city within the Celestial Abode.

Nova stood before them and casually waved his hand.

A powerful force emerged out of his palm and surrounded the soldiers.

In the next moment, the 400,000 soldiers were teleported out of the Celestial Abode.

A large group of people immediately appeared in the arena.

Seeing the legion of soldiers, Lucifer’s expression changed.

“James, you…” He looked at James with disbelief.

James smirked and said, “The Guardian said that we could use everything we had at our disposal.

Don’t you know that I havea Celestial Abode that contains an army of four hundred thousand soldiers within it?” James’ clear voice rang in the air.

Lucifer’s expression became increasingly grim.

He grasped at the Imperial Weapon, and the Elysian Inscription above his head grew brighter.

James shouted, “Men, to your positions!” Immediately afterward, the army of 400,000 soldiers quickly spread out and formed the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation.

The Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation required four leaders to unleash its full might.

However, James was the only leader present at that moment.

Although they could not exert their full strength, it was enough to deal with Lucifer.

James instantly stood at the formation’s helm.

At that moment, his energy fused with that of his soldiers.

He could sense all his men’s power diffusing into his body, and his power level immediately soared.

His strength increased exponentially, and he immediately felt invincible.


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