The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2867

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2867-James was startled by the Guardian’s words and could not help asking, “Are you saying the Heavenly Path is controlled by someone?” The Guardian replied solemnly, “Of course.

The Heavenly Path was created by that person after all.

However, the force behind the Heavenly Path is mysterious and unpredictable.

Apart from a few powerhouses from the Primeval Age who were aware of this powerhouse’s identity, no one else knows the truth.” “Ages ago, the powerhouse behind the Heavenly Path used to be called Heaven.

Therefore, the battle in ancient times was dubbed the Rebellion against Heaven, or the Annihilation of Heaven.” Hearing this, James was dumbfounded.

The Heavenly Path was already a mind-boggling existence.

It controlled the universe and every living being.

James never suspected that there was someone controlling the Heavenly Path.

The Guardian fell silent.

After a while, he sighed and said, “Perhaps it isn’t just a single person behind the Heavenly Path, but a bigger force.

Maybe there is something higher and mightier beyond the forces of our universe.

Who is to say? If you don’t step into the Ancestral God Rank, it’s impossible to gain insight into these matters.” Then, the Guardian laughed and said, “Hehe.

What’s wrong with me today? Why am I telling you so many useless things?” James was very interested in the topic and said, “Please tell me more.

I’m very interested to know more about these past events.” The Guardian shook his head.

“You’re currently too weak to understand these things.

The Three- Thousand Cultivation Arts are on this level.

Go ahead and take it.” The Guardian paused for a while.

After pondering briefly, he said, “The Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts is just a means to understand the Heavenly Path and the powers behind it.

Since the Heavenly Path was created by someone, the Three- Thousand Cultivation Arts must be nothing in his eyes.

“To destroy Heaven, you must create something that surpasses him.

“Countless powerhouses have spent their entire lives trying to create a Supernatural Power superior to the Heavenly Path.

“So far, the Five Ancestral Gods created the Elemental Inversion.

“Yerik Yagher developed the fusion of Yin and Yang.

“The Ancestral Talisman Master invented Curse Magic.

“The Ancestral Sword Master created supreme sword-fighting techniques.

“Although these are all awe-inducing techniques, they’re only considered to be close to the tier of the Heavenly Path.

They’re not on the same level and aren’t able to surpass it.” “After obtaining the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts, you must analyze it thoroughly, and understand the Heavenly Path and the rules of this universe.

Only by doing so can you surmount the Heavenly Path and have the chance to destroy it.” James listened carefully and asked impulsively, “Why do we need to destroy the Heavenly Path? I think the Heavenly Path isn’t completely bad.

It still manages the universe and living beings, preventing chaos from breaking out.” “Haha.” The Guardian laughed contemptuously and said, “What do you know? You’ll understand when you’re strong enough.” “By the way, you seem to know a lot.

Who are you? You must also be a well-known powerhouse from ancient times, right?” The Guardian did not reply to James’ question, and he gradually disappeared.

Immediately afterward, a soft white light appeared.

James knew this was the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts he had sought.

He walked over and reached out to the white light.

It was also a piece of jade with words inscribed on it, constantly moving around inside the jade.

James stared at the jade.

Entranced by it, he felt like he had fallen into a starry sky and was surrounded by a myriad of words.

The ancient words were mysterious and gave off a compelling aura.

At his current strength, he could not comprehend the Three- Thousand Cultivation Arts.

He immediately felt dizzy and returned to the present.

Then, he vomited out a mouthful of blood.


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