The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2868

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2868-The Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts was incredibly complex.

At James’ current cultivation rank, it was impossible for him to comprehend.

He still had no idea what cultivation was all about yet.

Moreover, he could not even recognize the words within the Three -Thousand Cultivation Arts.

He only knew they were mysterious and profound.

James stopped examining it and put the jade away.

Afterward, he looked at Brielle.

“I promised you I’d give you the providence if I made it to the end.

Now that only two of us are left, you can eliminate me and obtain the providence.” Brielle shook her head.

“How can I do that, James? You strived so hard to make it to this point.

The providence is rightfully yours.

If you seize the providence, you’ll be able to quickly become a Grand Emperor.” “Grand Emperor?” James fell into thought.

The Guardian had told him a lot, and he learned many secrets that others did not know about.

Grand Emperors were considered exceptionally strong people, but they were not the mightiest in the universe.

Even the Ancestral Gods of ancient times were subdued by the Heavenly Path.

James shook his head slightly and said, “Becoming a Grand Emperor isn’t my end goal.

I’m not going to stop after becoming a Grand Emperor.

I want to surpass it and reach the Ancestral God Rank or higher where I can stand against Heaven.” His knowledge had expanded after chatting with the Guardian, and his goals had now expanded as well.

«But, James.” James waved his hand and said, “Cultivation is an act against the heavens.

We obtain providence, strength, and longevity from the heavens.

One must endure hardships on the path to cultivation.

Only by doing so can one have a firm and unwavering Cultivation Heart.” Brielle immediately understood James’ rationale after listening to his words.

She looked at James tenderly and said, “Thank you for giving me the providence, James.” James smiled faintly.

Afterward, James dispersed all his techniques.

Brielle then began to attack James without wasting a second.

Since James had already disabled the Sacriligeous Ascension, dragon bone, and Elemental Inversion, his strength and defenses had decreased drastically.

Therefore, Brielle could inflict damage on James and constantly consume his crystal’s energy.

Soon, James’ crystal was worn out.

The crystal’s energy was converted into James’ Sage Energy, improving his physical strength.

Although it was not enough for him to reach the next rank, it saved him many years of hard work.

At that moment, the powerhouses that entered the ruins and the earlier participants were gathered in a city outside the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

It was a well-preserved city, with various majestic buildings towering into the sky.

Seeing the powerhouses eliminated one after another, everyone present reacted in astonishment.

When Lucifer was eliminated, the crowd could scarcely believe it.

“Even Lucifer was eliminated.

Thirty-one of them have been eliminated, and only two people remain in the arena now.” “That’s right.

There’s only James and Brielle left.” “The two seem to have a good relationship.

I think Brielle is James ’ wife.” “That seems to be the case.

I heard they held a wedding ceremony in the Demon Realm.” The powerhouses in the city talked about James.

“James is truly amazing.

He obtained the earth’s first, second, and third providence.

He rose against all odds in this Apocalypse Age.” “He’s terrifyingly formidable and is miles above the prodigies around his age.

After obtaining the third providence, he’ll definitely reach even greater heights.

After that, nothing will be able to hinder him.

He’ll improve rapidly, and it won’t take long before he can surpass the older generation.” “This human is very impressive.”


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