The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2869

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2869-“At the very least, James will be a Grand Emperor in the future.” The air was abyss with various topics surrounding James.

Just when everyone thought James would have claimed the providence, a crack formed in the sky, and a figure slowly emerged.

Everyone was shocked when they recognized who the person was.

“What? How is this possible?” “why has James been eliminated?” “Shouldn’t Brielle be the one eliminated on the thirty-second floor?” “Did Brielle hide her strength and then use it to defeat James?” “How is that possible? Brielle was the weakest among all thirty- three participants.

She only lasted so long because James was protecting her.

If I’m not mistaken, James must’ve let her have the providence.” After James was eliminated, he was teleported out of the arena, and his body slowly descended into an open space.

Many powerhouses were gathered in the city.

Almost all the contenders that were eliminated from the arena remained in the city.

As soon as James appeared, Feb and Qusai rushed over.

Feb looked at James and asked, “Did you really give her the providence?” James was exhausted after fighting for so long.

He stretched his body and smiled.

“Whether or not I get the providence is inconsequential to me.

I have no desire to have an uneventful cultivation path.

Cultivation is all about overcoming difficulties and becoming stronger.” Feb did not disagree with James’ sentiment.

Qusai grinned.

“James, you’re quite magnanimous.

The providence could allow one to effortlessly become a Grand Emperor, yet you gave it away so easily.” James smiled in response.

Then, he waited where they were gathered.

Three months later, a crack finally appeared in the sky.

Everyone raised their heads and eyed it intently.

A woman slowly made her way out of the crack.

The woman looked to be in her 20s.

She wore a pure white dress, and her long black hair trailed behind her.

As soon as she appeared, she was surrounded by divine light.

At that moment, she gave off an unearthly feel.

“S-She’s beautiful.” “T can sense strong energy from her.” “Ts it because she obtained the providence?” Everyone looked on as Brielle slowly descended from the sky.

Brielle was surrounded by mutlicolored lights which reflected against her fair skin.

She was beautiful and dazzling.

She eventually landed in front of James.

“James,” Brielle called out sweetly.

James looked at her.

At that moment, Brielle seemed completely different compared to three months ago.

Brielle was originally a stunning woman, but now, she was elegant and ethereal.

It made others afraid to approach her.

“Why is your body glowing? Make it stop.

It’s too bright.” James chuckled.

Brielle stuck out her tongue and said playfully, “I-I don’t know how.

It’s what happened to my body after I became a Grand Emperor.

The Guardian said it’ll stop soon.” “Oh, I see.” At that moment, a voice resounded in the sky.

It was the Guardian of the Celestial Palace.

Everyone looked at him intently.


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