The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2870

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2870-The battle in the Thirty-Three Arenas was finally over.

Some people were satisfied, while others were disappointed.

Those that obtained treasures were ecstatic, while those who went empty-handed were disgruntled.

All eyes were on the Guardian.

The Guardian floated in the sky and looked at the prodigies in the city.

He knew those gathered in the city were the strongest prodigies among the universe’s younger generation.

He was rather satisfied with their strength.

They were the pillars of the Apocalypse Age.

“May I have your attention?” The Guardian’s voice boomed in the sky.

His voice sounded gravelly and weary with age.

“The South Heaven Gate appeared on Earth, and the providence from the Ancient Heavenly Court has found its new owner.

Now, it’s time for the South Heaven Gate to return to obscurity.

“However, the South Heaven Gate will not vanish completely and will reappear someday in the future.

“Many great boons are still hidden within the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins, but the time to claim the rest of them is not yet nigh.

I’ll be here waiting for everyone to return here one day.

“Now, please leave.” The Guardian gestured in a direction.

At that moment, a staircase appeared and extended toward the South Heaven Gate.

“You may return to Earth through the South Heaven Gate.” The Guardian bid everyone to leave.

The prodigies in the city did not linger a second longer.

They immediately ascended the stairs and left through the South Heaven Gate.

After passing through the gate, they disappeared.

This time, James had gained something invaluable.

He obtained the Three- Thousand Cultivation Arts that ruled the Ancient Heavenly Court Age.

It was an incredible boon, but James could not comprehend it because of his low cultivation rank.

He would have to reach the Divine Rank before he could begin to comprehend it.

James walked through the South Heaven Gate with Brielle, Feb, and Qusai in tow.

The scenery in front of them changed as soon as they passed through the South Heaven Gate.

A golden light flashed before them, and they saw mountains and rivers.

After a while, they appeared in the sky above Mount Bane.

“They’re back! They’re back!” “The prodigies that went to the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins have returned!” “What exactly happened?” After the prodigies entered the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins, other Foreign powerhouses also came to Earth and awaited their disciples’ return at Mount Bane.

At that moment, countless powerhouses from all over the universe were gathered in Mount Bane.

When they reached Earth, they agreed not to fight each other and that they only came to pick up their disciples.

The prodigies who came out immediately explained everything that happened in the Ancient Heavenly Court to their sect elders.

Everything from the fight for the War Orders to entering the Thirty-Three Arenas and the battle to reach the last level of the arena.

“Haha!!!” The Labhrann Clan’s leader, Txomin, laughed loudly.

“Good! Good! Brielle’s obtained the providence! After aeons, another Grand Emperor has been born in our clan!” Txomin was thrilled.

He never expected Brielle to obtain the providence.

The powerhouses of the other races looked unhappy with the outcome.


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