The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2871

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2871- “James is really lucky.”

“It’s a doomsday era for humanity, yet he still goes against all odds.He’ll definitely achieve great things in the future.”

After learning that James helped Brielle obtain the providence, they expressed their thoughts.

However, James was still nothing to them despite having obtained countless fortunes.

In fact, these powerhouses were plotting to kill James and snatch his treasures.

However, these powerhouses from the universe knew there were strong humans hidden on Earth.

Since James was the hope of the human race, they would arouse the anger of these hidden powerhouses if they were to take action against James rashly.

No one was capable of bearing the wrath of these powerful humans.

“Let’s go back to the clan.”

“After we return, you’ll have to go into seclusion.Then, you can come back for the fourth providence.”

“It’s okay that you didn’t seize the providence this time.We’ll come back after practicing hard.”

The seniors comforted their disciples.

The powerhouses did not stay on Earth for long and returned to their respective clans with their disciples.

They would have to go through the Demon Realm to come to Earth.

However, they could forcibly open spatial passages on Earth to leave if they were strong enough.

On a mountain peak on Mount Bane, many humans were gathered.

In the lead was Thea, followed by Quincy, Cynthia, Tiara, Thomas, Langston, Tyrus, the Omniscient Deity, and a few others.

James appeared on the mountaintop.

Thea was the first to rush over.

She took his hand and asked worriedly, “You didn’t encounter any accidents, right? “What accidents could’ve happened?”

James smiled.

Henry walked over and asked, “What happened in the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins, James? Could you tell us about it?”

At that moment, Walganus appeared.

He looked at James and asked, “How did it go? Did you find the Three- Thousand Cultivation Arts?”

James glanced at Walganus and sensed the anxiousness on his face.

The Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts was evidently important to Walganus.

James nodded and said, “Yeah, I did acquire the Three- Thousand Cultivation Arts…”

Then, James explained everything that happened inside the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins.

Everyone was shocked to learn that James had given up the providence.

They could not understand why James made such a decision.

However, James did not explain his actions.

Walganus pulled James aside.

He stood on the cliff on the mountain and looked into the distance.

The breeze blew toward him and messed up his long hair.

Solemnly, he said, “James, the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts is very important to me.”

James nodded and said, “I know, but it’s a treasure I worked hard to obtain, and it now belongs to me.The Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts was the greatest Supernatural Power during the Ancient Heavenly Court Age.If I can comprehend it, it’l] help improve my strength tremendously.”

Hearing this, Walganus had a solemn expression.He knew James would not give him the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts.

Thus, he considered exchanging one of his treasures for the Three- Thousand Cultivation Arts.However, his things were far inferior to the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts.

“Huff,” Walganus sighed.

‘James, I don’t ask of you to give me the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts.But, when I reach a certain cultivation rank in the future, could you at least lend it to me?”

He looked at James pleadingly.

James smiled and said, “Sure, that wouldn’t be a problem.”


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