The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2878

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2878-After Xandros briefly explained things to them, he disappeared from the mountain.

Yaraka casually waved her hand and laid out a Time Formation.

She looked at James and Thea, saying, “I’ll teach you how to read Elysian characters.Under normal circumstances, it’s impossible to teach Elysian characters.One will have to gradually comprehend it alone.”

Elysian characters were a very mysterious existence.

Most of the well-known Supernatural Powers were recorded with Elysian characters.

Usually, Elysian characters could not be taught.

One would have to reach a certain level of cultivation and understand it with one’s own wisdom.

However, human knowledge was endless.

A Grand Emperor had an infinite lifespan.

Thus, they specifically researched Elysian characters in their long years.

James was very excited after hearing that Yaraka would be teaching them Elysian characters.

Yaraka stood before James and Thea and began the lesson.

“Elysian characters are very mysterious.Every character has a different meaning and can be understood differently by different creatures.Only a few characters have fixed meanings.”

Both James and Thea listened carefully.

Yaraka taught them Elysian characters very carefully so they could comprehend the jade pieces given to them by Xandros.

Eight hundred years passed in the blink of an eye.

James and Thea had stayed in the Time Formation for eight hundred years.

During these eight hundred years, James and Thea learned Elysian characters and gradually began unraveling the Supernatural Powers recorded in the scriptures.

Yaraka could only teach them so much.

As for the rest, James and Thea would have to figure it out themselves.

Aman and a woman sat within a formation at a mountain range of a particular realm in the Three Thousand Worlds.

The two were focused on training.

At that moment, pure and mysterious Heavenly Yang Essence emerged from James’ body.

Eighty- one golden needles revolved around his body and released a powerful energy.

Meanwhile, Demonic Yin Essence emerged from Thea’s body, which could make one shudder from the coldness.

The sun and moon were not visible from the mountain range.

Thea and James focused on training within the Time Formation.

During this period, the Elemental Inversion in James’ body continuously increased his strength until he reached a breakthrough point.

After staying in the formation for a while, he made a breakthrough.

James advanced into the Sage Rank’s Sixth Stage from the Sage Rank’s Fifth Stage.

His physical strength had also improved from the early stage of the Sage Rank’s Sixth Stage to the middle stage.

Yaraka had been watching them from the sidelines the whole time.

Xandros also showed up.

Sensing the energy from the two, he knew they had comprehended a lot.

He walked over to James and Thea, then said, “Alright.That’s enough.”

Both James and Thea stopped.

Xandros looked at them and said, “The Heavenly Transformation and Demonic Transformation are very extraordinary, and it won’t be possible to completely master them in a short period.

With your current strengths, you two won’t be able to completely master them anyway.

“Now that you two have a basic ununderstanding of Crucifier, Exalter, Heavenly Yang Essence, and Demonic Yin Essence, it’s enough to open up a passage to the Boundless Realm.”


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