The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2879

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2879-James nodded lightly and asked, “When do we leave?”

Xandros replied, “Right now.I’ll personally send you to the seal of the Boundless Realm.”

After speaking, Xandros casually waved his hand, and a miraculous force emerged from his palm and surrounded James and Thea.

Then, a crack formed in the space before them.

Xandros leaped toward the crack with a flash.

He brought James and Thea through space and out into the universe.

The universe was silent, which made it seem terrifying.

Suddenly, a crack formed in the space.

Xandros, Thea, and James came out of the crack.

As soon as James appeared in the starry universe, he looked ahead and saw the countless planets.

“Have we arrived?” asked James.

Xandros nodded, pointed ahead of them, and said, “Yeah.That’s the Boundless Realm.”

Thea also looked toward the planets.

Xandros explained, “The Boundless Realm isn’t a single planet but a collective name for a few planets.It’s currently sealed off, and both of you need to work together to open a passage.”

Xandros’ face became solemn.

“The Boundless Realm has been sealed since the Primeval Age.It prevented the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court Age and was spared from the fight during the Primeval Age.

“There must be a few powerhouses within the Boundless Realm at the Grand Emperor Rank.You two will have to be careful.

“However, there isn’t much to worry about.The Elixir Pavilion that guards the Ancestral God Rank elixir was given an absolute order.The powerhouses there will hand over the Ancestral God Rank elixir as long as they see Crucifier and Exalter.

“However, the Elixir Pavilion has gone into hiding after receiving their mission to guard the Ancestral God Rank elixir.Thus, finding the Elixir Pavilion will take some time and effort.”

James frowned and asked, “The Boundless Realm must be huge.How will we find the Elixir Pavilion when they are in hiding? Do you not have any clues?”

Xandros shook his head.He did not have any clue about the Elixir Pavilion’s whereabouts.

To prevent the Ancestral God Rank elixir from being targeted, the Primeval Age’s powerhouses did not leave any clues behind.

James was troubled.

“Then, how will we look for it?”

Xandros replied, “You’ll have to figure that out.Also, there isn’t much time, so you should hurry up.”

Thea asked, “How long more until the Earth’s Fourth Calamity happens?”

Xandros shook his head and said, “I don’t know.I’ve already joined forces with the other powerful humans, and we only have a rough estimation of when it will happen.

“Although it’s impossible to have a precise date, we know it might likely happen more than a thousand years later.” James listened carefully.

Seeing Xandros looking at the starry universe, James asked, “Is there anything else you need us to know?”

Xandros said, “I know there are about thirty thousand worlds with Primordial Energy.That is to say, there are thirty thousand inhabitable planets.According to my conjecture, the Elixir Pavilion is probably on a smaller planet and likely one that isn’t well- known.Thus, you should try searching the smaller planets.”

James nodded and said, “Alright.I understand.”

Xandros casually waved his hand, and great force emerged from his palm, gradually dispersing into the starry universe.

At that moment, the force came into contact with a barrier.

Invisible ripples appeared in the vast, starry sky.

Immediately afterward, a barrier composed of magical inscriptions appeared.

It was mysterious and bizarre.


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