The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2880

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2880-Xandros looked at the barrier and explained, “That’s the seal.The Ancestral Gods set it up in the past.Even a Grand Emperor won’t be able to pass through the seal and leave.Therefore, it’s impossible for it to be anywhere but in the Boundless Realm.”

Hearing this, James asked, “Would the Elixir Pavilion’s disciples steal and consume the Ancestral God Rank elixir to temporarily gain the strength of an Ancestral God and leave the Boundless Realm?”

Xandros shook his head and said, “That’s impossible.The powerhouses guarding the Ancestral God Rank elixir in the Elixir Pavilion are loyal to humans.They know the importance of it to humans.It’s humanity’s last hope.They would not dare take it for themselves.”


James did not pursue the topic any further.

He asked, “How do we open the seal now?”

Xandros explained, “It’s very simple.You two have to fuse Crucifier and Exalter.”


James was taken aback.

Xandros nodded and explained, “Yeah.After the fusion, a Time Capsule will form.”

“A Time Capsule? What’s that?” asked Thae.

Xandros replied, “A Time Capsule is a supreme treasure formed by the union of Yin and Yang.With the Time Capsule, you two can break the time constraint and pass through time, allowing you to transcend to the future or past.”

“Is it that incredible?” James was shocked.

Xandros nodded and said, “Of course.However, you’re still relatively weak and can’t fully exert the Time Capsule’s power.For now, you’ ll only be capable of using the Time Capsule to open a passage into the Boundless Realm.”

James and Thea followed Xandros’ instructions.

They summoned Crucifier and Exalter.

Eighty-one golden needles revolved around James, whereas eighty -one black needles circled Thea.

Both of them exerted Yin and Yang Energy respectively.

At that moment, their energies blended and formed a strong magnetic field.

“Close your eyes, carefully sense each other’s energy, and allow your energy to fuse.

“The fusion of Yin and Yang, also heaven and earth, can create an invincible Supernatural Power.”

James and Thea closed their eyes simultaneously.

At that moment, their bodies rotated in the starry universe, gradually forming a Grand Extremity.

The Yin and Yang were hard to see but progressively became visible.

A pattern of Yin and Yang was now clear as day.

At that moment, James felt the fusion of Yin and Yang.He had acquired Thea’s power.

Thea also sensed James’ power fusing into her body and felt much more potent.

Seeing this, Xandros nodded in satisfaction.

At that moment, James’ Crucifier and Thea’s Exalter gradually merged to form a Sceptre.

The Sceptre was relatively small, only the size of a baby’s arm.It was the manifestation of James and Thea’s combined energy.

“I-Is this the Time Capsule?”

James looked at the fused Exalter and Crucifier and could sense the powerful energy in the Time Capsule.

“And here we go!”

At that moment, Xandros made a move.He mobilized all his strength and controlled the Time Capsule.

James and Thea felt imprisoned by the powerful force and could not break free.

The Time Capsule displayed a dazzling light after being activated by Xandros’ energy.

The dazzling light rushed toward the seal and made a crack in it.

James and Thea uncontrollably rushed toward the crack on the seal.

As soon as they entered the crack, they felt like they were in a gushing river.


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