The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2881

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2881-The river was fascinating.It was not an ordinary river with gushing water but contained flowing characters and runes.

Before the two could react, the river completely disappeared.

Xandros watched as Thea and James disappeared from the universe.He murmured, “Humanity is really running out of time.I wasn’t sure if you two would have enough time to return with the Ancestral God Rank elixir, so I used the Time Capsule’s power to send you two to the past and buy more time.

“One hundred thousand years back.You two have gone back one hundred thousand years in time.

“with my strength and the Time Capsule’s power, I can only send you one hundred thousand years into the past.It should be enough for you two to find the Ancestral God Rank elixir.”

Xandros’ voice resounded in the tranquil space, then he disappeared.

Neither James nor Thea knew that Xandros had forcibly activated the Time Capsule to send them one hundred thousand years into the past to buy them more time to find the Ancestral God Rank elixir.”

After James and Thea floated through the mysterious river for a while, their eyes blurred, and they felt their bodies being squashed.

Although James had unparalleled physical strength, the pressure still caused him great discomfort.

James opened his eyes to check his surroundings, but it was too dark to see anything.

“Thea! Where are you, Thea!”

James shouted, and his voice echoed through the darkness.

However, Thea did not respond.

“What happened?”

James was puzzled.


At that moment, he felt the pressure crushing his entire body, and it was so unbearable that he felt as if his head was going to explode.

Just as he felt like he could no longer withstand it, light pierced through the darkness and gradually brightened up their surroundings.

James opened his eyes and tried to scan his surroundings.

A blinding light came from the sky.

After a while, he got accustomed to the light.

Then, he got up with difficulty.He looked down at his body and discovered he was covered in injuries as if he had just gone through a fierce battle.

At that moment, a steel wire slid onto his arm.

“Crucifier is here, but where is Thea?”

James did not have the time to scan his surroundings.He looked at the steel wire composed of eighty-one needles and thought to himself.

‘What exactly happened? ‘Am I in the Boundless Realm? ‘Where’s Thea? I came with her, but why were we separated?’ James was confused.

At that moment, an old man sat on a massive mountain in the Boundless Realm.He looked at the starry sky and noticed the stars starting to change.

Suddenly, a bad premonition rose in his heart.

“Is something about to happen?”

The old man had a solemn expression.


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