The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2886

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2886-Many Supernatural Powers and Secret Arts had been passed down from the Primeval Age and the Primordial Age.

Although no one could obtain them, a few powerhouses were capable of understanding the records.

Since Nova followed Emperor Jabari for a long time, he learned a lot.

Nova brought James into the Time Chamber.

Since James had three years, he had relatively sufficient time if he were to practice within the Time Chamber.

James sat in a lotus position in the courtyard of the Time Chamber.

Boom! A whole bunch of stuff fell to the ground.

James took a look and saw a mountain of books.

He asked,” What are these for, Nova?” Nova explained, “These are some books I found from the library.

They’re all related to alchemy.

Emperor Jabari wrote some, and he obtained some from other alchemists.” ‘There are so many of them.” James was stunned.

How long would it take him to finish all these books? Nova explained, ‘The most important thing in alchemy is experience and formulas.

An alchemist refines elixirs with formulas.

These formulas are every alchemist’s secret and aren’t easily passed to outsiders.

“As for alchemy experience, every alchemist will develop a unique set of alchemy skills.

“You won’t have to worry about formulas since Emperor Jabari was also an outstanding alchemist and has left behind countless formulas.

Emperor Jabari was well-known in the Primordial Age and had wide connections.

He befriended many alchemists and often exchanged experiences and formulas with them.” Nova stood before James and began explaining how to become an alchemist.

“To become an alchemist, the first step is to learn about various Empyrean herbs.

You’ll have to know their medicinal properties.

“Since the universe is vast and boundless, there are countless Empyrean herbs.

Even an Emperor Rank alchemist won’t be able to recognize every Empyrean herb that exists in the universe.

“Fortunately, Emperor Jarbari left behind books recording various types of Empyrean herbs, with grades from the lowest to the highest.

As long as you familiarize yourself with them, you’ll become an outstanding alchemist.

“Secondly, flames are essential to an alchemist.

‘The higher the quality of your flame, the higher your alchemy success rate.” James asked, “I have Flame Energy.

What quality is my Flame Energy?” Nova looked at James, stroked his beard, and said smilingly, “You have the Fire Genesis in your body.

The flames from the Fire Genesis are the highest grade in the universe.

Throughout the entire universe, no other alchemist will have a higher-grade flame than yours.

“However, your current strength is too low, and it’s impossible for you to exert the Fire Genesis’ strength.” “Is that so?” James was pleased.

The highest grade of flames in the universe sounded good.

Nova continued, “When you have sufficient knowledge and high-grade flames, the next thing for you to do is keep practicing, refining your skills, and making elixirs.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

“When you have enough experience in alchemy, you’ll naturally become an outstanding alchemist.” James listened carefully as he needed to enter the Elixir Pavilion in the Boundless Holy Realm.

It was his only chance to check whether it was the Elixir Pavilion he needed to find.


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