The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2887

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2887-He would save a lot of time if it were the right place.

“Go through them yourself, and ask me if you have any questions.” After Nova briefed James, he stopped talking.

Nova had already sorted out the alchemy books and classified them for James.

James picked up the first book and began to read.

The first book recorded some ordinary herb materials from Earth that did not contain any Empyrean Spiritual Energy or power.

However, James had never come across many of the herbs recorded in the book.

James seriously reviewed the book.

Since James had reached the Sage Rank, his brain was very developed and close to achieving photographic memory.

He could easily rememberthings after going through them once.

It was like he had a camera in his mind that could snap a picture and store them away.

James continued going through the books and expanded his knowledge with the books.

He went through every book and learned about the grades of Empyrean herbs, from the lowest without any Empyrean Spiritual Energy to the Sage- Ranked Empyrean herbs and Divine-Ranked herbs.

After spending many years in the Time Chamber, James was almost familiar with all the elixirs in the universe.

Of course, this was only limited to the ones known to Emperor Jabari.

As for the herbs Emperor Jabari did not know about, they were naturally not recorded in the books.

Therefore, James was also clueless about them.

“Nova, I’m already familiar with all kinds of Empyrean herbs and their properties.” James looked at Nova, who was standing aside.

Nova nodded lightly and said, “Alright, good.

The next step is to try it out.

If you want to refine elixirs, you’ll first need to have an alchemy furnace.

Emperor Jabari was an alchemist, so of course, he left one behind.

“Wait here.

I’ll go fetch it for you.” Nova disappeared from his sight.

Then, he quickly reappeared.

Nova casually waved his hand, and an alchemy furnace appeared before James.

The alchemy furnace was huge, with a diameter of one hundred meters and a height of more than thirty meters.

It was bronze in color, and some mysterious words were carved onto it.

The inside of the furnace also had many complex and mysterious characters engraved to form a formation.

“This is a big alchemy furnace.” James was slightly surprised to see the alchemy furnace.


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