The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2888

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2888-The Emperor-Ranked alchemy furnace was fascinating and could even automatically refine elixirs and pills.

Although it only automatically refined low-graded pills and elixirs, it was still impressive.

Nova said, “Since you’ve obtained Emperor Jabari’s Celestial Abode, everything here belongs to you.

However, the alchemy furnace can’t be given to you yet.

Since you’ve only started learning alchemy, you need an ordinary alchemy furnace to practice.” After speaking, Nova casually waved his hand, and an ordinary alchemy furnace appeared before James.

Although it was just an ordinary alchemy furnace, the things Nova gave James were never average.

It was only ordinary because Nova had seen many things before.

To James, even an ordinary alchemy furnace was extraordinary.

Nova wanted James to use an ordinary alchemy furnace to extract the medicinal ingredients within the Empyrean herbs.

James had read many alchemy books and learned about the extraction process.

However, he simply had the knowledge but not the experience.

“Go ahead and try.” Nova opened his mouth and said, “Generally speaking, it’ll require a lot of effort for you to become a qualified alchemist since it involves a lot of experimentation and experience.

Moreover, Empyrean herbs are costly.

It’s impossible for an average family to train an alchemist.

“However, we’re in Emperor Jabari’s Celestial Abode.

Emperor Jabari’s entire wealth is within this Celestial Abode.

There are countless Empyrean herbs here carefully grown by Emperor Jabari.

There should be more than enough for you to train to become an alchemist.” After speaking, Nova casually waved his hand, and many herbs appeared before James.

The herbs Nova brought over were ordinary.

Nova said, “Now try to extract them.” “Okay.” James nodded.

He looked at the alchemy furnace before him, took a deep breath, and summoned the Fire Sage Energy within his body.

A white flame formed in his palm.

James glanced at the herbs aside and casually waved his hand.

One of the herbs appeared inside the alchemy furnace, and he used the flame to burn off the impurities on the herb.

Then, he extracted the herb’s essence.

Usually, Empyrean herbs contain a lot of Essence Energy.

Alchemists had to extract the components needed to refine the elixir of choice.

Elixirs were made by fusing these extracted components.

James knew how to refine pills.

However, he had never done it before.

Since it was his first try, he could not control the flame’s temperature and burned the Empyren herb, failing to extract anything.

James looked at the scorched Empyrean herb within the alchemy furnace with an embarrassed look.

Nova encouraged him, “Don’t rush it.

Take your time.

It’s only your first try.

After you get used to it, you’ll be able to control the temperature of your flames well.” James immediately gained confidence after Nova cheered him up.

Since there were a lot of Empyrean herbs in the Celestial Aboide, he could squander them.

James took another Empyrean herb and placed it inside the alchemy furnace.

This time, he carefully controlled the temperature of his flames.

However, it was still too hot, and he burned the herb without being able to extract its components.

“Don’t be discouraged.

Keep trying,” said Nova.

“Alright.” James nodded.

With Nova guiding him, James kept trying and burned many herbs.

After burning a bunch of herbs, James finally knew how to control his flames.

However, he could only control his flames at a suitable temperature and not burn the herbs.

As for extracting the herbs, he would have to understand the herbs well and have absolute control over the burning process.

James finally understood why Nova said an average family was incapable of training alchemists.

The learning process required a lot of materials.

Since Empyrean herbs were valuable, learning to be an alchemist would cost a lot of spiritual crystals.

However, James did not have these worries.


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