The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2890

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2890-From a novice, James successfully became an alchemist in the Time Chamber with the continuous resources and materials in the Celestial Abode.

Now, he could refine a Tenth-Grade Sage Rank elixir.

That was incredibly impressive.

As for whether he could win the Alchemy Tournament held in the Stardust Realm would depend on his luck.

James would have no regrets even if he were not able to qualify.

After all, he did his best.

Learning that time was almost up, James left the Celestial Abode.

He reappeared on a mountain range of the Stardust Realm.

James was unsure how long he had before the Alchemy Tournament took place, nor did he know where it would be held.

He left the mountain range and headed toward a city to inquire.

Eventually, he learned that the Alchemy Tournament would be held in Stardust Realm’s largest city, Stardust City.

Stardust Realm was huge, and even with James’ current strength, it would take him a long time to travel across the entire Stardust Realm.

Fortunately, there was a Teleportation Formation in every city.

After paying a certain amount of spiritual crystals, he could easily teleport to another city.

Since James did not have any spiritual crystals, he picked up some Empyrean herbs in the Celestial Abode and sold them for spiritual crystals.

Then, he teleported to Stardust City.

The Teleportation Formation outside Stardust City continuously shone brightly.

With the Alchemy Tournament happening soon, alchemists from all over the Stardust Realm were teleporting to Stardust City.

Although they were not qualified to participate, many came to watch the tournament to learn from it.

The Teleportation Formation lit up, and James walked out.

As soon as he appeared, James saw the vast city.

The city gate was tens of thousands of meters high.

From a distance, the city was grand and extravagant.

‘Tsk, tsk! Impressive!” After seeing the city, James was amazed.

After a brief shock, he walked toward the city gate ahead and entered the city in an orderly manner.

As soon as he entered the city, he inquired about the Alchemy Tournament and learned it would be happening in three days.

The Alchemy Tournament was divided into many stages.

The first stage was the knockout round.

Since the Stardust Realm was huge, tens of thousands of alchemists had rushed to participate.

However, there was only one spot, and some weaker alchemists had to be eliminated first.

The remaining advanced alchemists would be filtered out to compete for the slot.

Only by successfully winning the Alchemy Tournament could one represent the Stardust Realm to participate in the Elixir Pavilion’s discipleship examination.

The Alchemy Tournament was happening in three days.

Since it was almost time, there was nothing much James could do.

Therefore, he found himself an inn to stay in for the time being.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Three days later.

Stardust City was bustling with its streets crowded with people.

At that moment, a flash of light shot up from the City Lord’s Mansion in the distance.

Then, a man appeared in the sky, The man looked to be about forty years old.

He wore a golden robe and looked full of life.

With a bright smile, he looked at the many people in the city.

He laughed and said, “Haha! Welcome to Stardust City! “As you all know, the Elixir Pavilion will recruit disciples from throughout the Boundless Realm.

The Stardust Realm was also given a spot to participate in the disciple recruitment.”


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