The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2891

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2891-“But who should we give the spot to?” “After some deep contemplation, I’ve decided to hold an Alchemy Tournament.

Whoever emerges victorious in this tournament will represent the Stardust Realm in the screening process to become a disciple of the Medicine Pavilion.” Hearing this, James understood that this was the Lord of the Stardust Realm.

He tried sensing his power.

However, the aura the Lord exuded was too immense, and he could not sense anything.

“As expected of the Lord of a realm… He’s really powerful.

He must be at the Divine Rank and above.” James could roughly guess the Lord’s strength.

However, he could not figure out what stage of the Divine Rank he was in.

Standing in mid-air, the Lord’s voice boomed.

“To ensure the fairness of this tournament.

I’ve invited Myrddin Silas the Divine God to be the jury of this tournament.” Hearing this, everyone was stunned.

“What? Myrddin Silas the Divine God?” “That Divine Rank alchemist who’s renowned all over the world?” “Wow! I never thought I’d be able to see Myrddin Silas the Divine God.

I guess this trip wasn’t in vain.

If I can receive his guidance, I’ll definitely benefit enormously.” Agitated, many could not help but scream.

“Myrddin Silas the Divine God!” “Myrddin Silas the Divine God!” The cheers reverberated throughout the region.

At that moment, a bright object flew out from the City Lord’s Mansion.

Then, an elderly man appeared in mid-air and stood before the Lord.

The elderly man’s face was shriveled, and he was wearing a grey robe.

He raised his hand slightly, then slowly put it down.

Immediately, the crowd fell silent.

Every creature of the city gazed at the elderly man.

The man was Myrddin, a powerful figure of the Divine Rank.

Reaching the Divine Rank was inconsequential in the Interminable Celestial Realm.

However, there was something else about him that was unique.

He was a Divine Rank alchemist who was able to concoct Divine Rank elixirs.

As such a renowned figure, he was well-respected wherever he went.

Myrddin gazed at the countless alchemists beneath him and said smilingly, “I would like to assure you of my impartiality in the coming tournament.

As long as you’re able to distinguish yourself from the masses, I promise I’ll accept you as my Inner Disciple and teach you some of the most advanced alchemy, no matter if you’re able to join the Medicine Pavilion.” Hearing this, the crowd cheered.

James was the only one who could not care less.

‘A mere Divine Rank alchemist dares act so arrogantly…’ James silently murmured to himself.

He was not looking down on Myrddin.

However, the alchemy he was taught was passed down by Emperor Jabari.

Besides that, Emperor Jabari was acquainted with many Emperor Rank alchemists.

As such, all the alchemy he learned was of the most advanced level.

Hence, it was only natural that he was disinterested in the inheritance of a Divine Rank alchemist.

Upon seeing this, the Lord, who was standing in mid-air, smiled and said,” Now, allow me to briefly describe the rules of this tournament.

“As you all may know, a distinguished alchemist possesses an immensely powerful Soul Power.

This is because the stronger one’s Soul Power, the greater one’s control over the elixir in the concoction process.

“As there’s only a single spot, the requirements of the preliminary round are extremely strict.

One can only enter the next round if they possess sufficient Soul Power.

‘The tournament will be held at Mount Inclining Moon.

Whoever wishes to participate, please head over to Mount Inclining Moon.” The Lord’s voice boomed.

As his voice reverberated, alchemists from all over the world gradually left Stardust City and headed toward Mount Inclining Moon.


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