The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2892

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2892-Mount Inclining Moon was the largest mountain outside Stardust City.

As the alchemists gathered at the foot of Mount Inclining Moon, the Lord of the Stardust Realm announced the rules of the preliminary round.

The rules were simple.

A Magic Circle had been set up to test the Soul Power of the alchemists.

Under normal circumstances, the strength of an alchemist’s Soul Power was tied to the level of their power.

If their Soul Power had reached the Sage Rank’s Fifteenth Stage, their rank would be at a similar stage.

Similarly, their alchemy level would be at the Sage Rank’s Fifteenth Stage, and they would be able to concoct an elixir at the Tenth Level.

However, there were exceptions to the norm.

Some cultivators, such as James, possessed extraordinary Soul Power.

As one’s Soul Power was inextricably linked to one’s rank, physical strength, and bloodline power, the stronger one was, the more terrifying one’s Soul Power would be.

Under normal circumstances, alchemists would have already mastered a unique soul attack.

‘The rules are simple.

As long as you can traverse the Magic Circle of Mount Inclining Moon and reach the peak, you’ll be eligible to enter the next round.

Don’t let your guard down, folks! As there’s only a single spot, the Magic Circle is extremely powerful.

Those with a weak Soul Power can never cross the Magic Circle.” The Lord’s voice boomed.

James appeared at the foot of Mount Inclining Moon and scanned his surroundings.

There were millions upon millions of alchemists in his surroundings.

He was dumbfounded.

There were simply too many of them.

A hundred million alchemists competing for a single spot? This was simply too cruel.

James was not confident that he could emerge victorious.

That was because he could only concoct a Tenth Level elixir at most.

The only way for him to win was to use the Martial Alchemy Furnace and pray there would be a miracle.

“Let the tournament begin!” As the Lord’s voice reverberated throughout the region, many alchemists began ascending the mountain and slowly advancing along the road.

The moment they entered Mount Inclining Moon, they stepped into the Magic Circle.

James followed the alchemists into the Magic Circle.

Immediately, he could sense an overwhelming pressure on his shoulders that made him extremely uncomfortable and short of breath.

Moreover, there seemed to be countless sharp blades stabbing at his soul.

An excruciating pain came from deep inside his soul.

“How powerful…” James took a deep breath.

He was feeling extremely uncomfortable just stepping into the Magic Circle.

Could he truly reach the peak? He scanned his surroundings.

The alchemists around him were the same; all of them were wearing pained expressions on their faces.

Upon seeing this, James relaxed slightly.

He was not the only one suffering through this.

He took a deep breath, regulated his condition, and began suppressing the power of the Magic Circle.

The moment he summoned the power, he felt a lot better.

He then strode forward with great difficulty.

“Argh!” An agonizing scream came from behind him.

Then, an alchemist collapsed to the ground.

Blood was gushing out from all over his body.

He knew that he would be killed if he continued.

So, he did not linger for long inside the Magic Circle and hurriedly stumbled and staggered his way out of the Magic Circle and Mount Inclining Moon.

The same scenario repeated many times.


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