The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2893

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2893-In just a few short minutes, many alchemists voluntarily chose to forfeit the tournament.

Meanwhile, after suppressing the Magic Circle’s power, James was feeling much better.

Unaffected by the pressure, he strode forward and slowly advanced toward the peak.

Soon, he was in first place.

Behind him was a group of alchemists advancing with great difficulty.

Many people stood at the peak.

Among them were the Stardust Realm’s Lord, Myrddin Silas the Divine Rank alchemist, and many other renowned alchemists of the Stardust Realm.

“Myrddin.” The Lord glanced at Myrddin, who was gazing at the foot of the mountain with a composed expression on his face.

The Lord asked, ‘This Magic Circle is really powerful.

Can any alchemists really reach the peak? Are our demands too strict?” Myrddin said coldly, “I was merely following the standards of the Medicine Pavilion in recruiting new disciples.

If they can’t even cross this Magic Circle, they will be nothing but cannon fodder even if they secure the spot and participate in the discipleship examination of the Medicine Pavilion.

“I come from the Stardust Realm.

However, the Stardust Realm is but an insignificant world in the Interminable Celestial Realm.

If any alchemist of the Stardust Realm manages to join the Medicine Pavilion, the crisis the Stardust Realm is facing will be resolved.” Speaking of the crisis, the Lord’s expression turned grim.

Myrddin continued, ‘The Overworld’s strength is countless times greater than the Stardust Realm’s.

Now, we can only seek the Medicine Pavilion’s protection.

If any alchemist of the Stardust Realm joins the Medicine Pavilion, the Overworld won’t act impulsively.” The Lord sighed deeply and said, ‘Thank you for your consideration, Myrddin.

Though this is none of your concern, you’ve worked hard to think of a solution.” Myrddin waved his hand slightly and said, “You’re the Lord.

You represent the entire Stardust Realm.

As such, your concerns are the concerns of the Stardust Realm.” The Lord fell silent.

He focused his attention on the countless alchemists below him, hoping that an alchemist who possessed extraordinary alchemy skills would emerge and meet the criteria of the Medicine Pavilion.

He gazed at James, who was at the forefront.

Since James was at the forefront, it meant that he possessed a terrifying Soul Power.

At that moment, he placed his hopes on James, praying silently in his heart, ‘Quickly, cross the Magic Circle!’ James was already halfway up the mountain.

There, he was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

Even with the immense power shielding his body, he felt a sense of discomfort that came from the depths of his soul.

As such, he had no choice but to rest.

At the same time, he glanced downward.

Many other alchemists were ascending the mountain.

Based on conservative estimates, there should be at least a hundred million alchemists who entered Mount Inclining Moon.

However, by the time James was halfway, many had been disqualified.

Now, only tens of millions remained.

Seeing that many more were catching up, James pondered.

Though this Magic Circle targeted Soul Power, these alchemists were powerful nonetheless.

There would be many who would reach the peak.

After resting momentarily, James was in a much better condition.

He stood up and pressed forward.

At the peak, upon James continuing his advancement, the Lord breathed a sigh of relief.

This time, James no longer held back.

He summoned his full power, accelerated his speed, and charged toward the peak.

Even so, his speed was still slow, not too different from an ordinary human’s.

Meanwhile, Mount Inclining Moon was tens of kilometers in height, not to mention that its path was windy and steep.

Days passed.

Soon, three days passed.

Over the past three days, many more alchemists had been disqualified.

On the other hand, James was only hundreds of meters away from the finishing line.

However, he was wretched.

His breathing was weak, and each step required a great deal of effort.


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