The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2902

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2902-It was undeniable that the woman had some good stuff in her possession.

No matter the Divine Rank alchemy furnace or the unique True Fire, these were objects coveted by all alchemists.

Even Myrddin could not suppress the urge and had to ask her who her master was.

Since the master was able to give such a high- quality object to his disciple, the master must be a well-renowned alchemist.

However, the woman’s lips remained tightly sealed.

Dismayed, Myrddin glanced at her and said, “Good luck, ’I’m rooting for you.Whether or not the Stardust Realm averts the current crisis will depend on you.”

The woman nodded slightly and said, “I’ll do my best to emerge victorious in this tournament and represent the Stardust Realm in participating in the discipleship examination of the Medicine Pavilion.”

“Very good.”

Myrddin nodded with satisfaction and turned to leave.He returned to his seat.

Daley asked, “Myrddin, how did it go? Who is she?”

Myrddin shook his head slightly and said, “She refuses to reveal anything.However, I can tell that she’s no ordinary person.Maybe her master isn’t even a cultivator of the Stardust Realm.Perhaps she came here just to secure the spot to join the Medicine Pavilion.”

Hearing this, Daley fell silent.

Since she was not a cultivator of the Stardust Realm, would she fight for the realm and help them avert the current crisis? In the meantime, more and more alchemists had selected the herbs they needed and began concocting the elixir.

James was not in a hurry because there was no time limit for the competition.So, he stood by the sidelines and observed the other alchemists.He was interested to know more about the others’ skills.He first looked at the woman in a pink dress.

Then, he realized that her alchemy skills were only mediocre.Her extraction technique was coarse, and she did not extract the herbs’ essences at all.

Moreover, her control of the flames was imprecise.

As James looked at the others, he was delighted.

They were even worse off.

Though their rank was higher than his, the same could not be said about their skills.

Take, for example, two students in the third and first year of Senior High.

The student in the third year was a mediocre student with an average grade of thirty points, whereas the first-year student was a top student with perfect scores.

Upon seeing them concocting their elixir, James could not help but shake his head and sigh.

“Why hasn’t he begun?”

“I remember that he was the first to pass through the Magic Circle.Why is he looking around? Did he pass the preliminary round only because he has a powerful Soul Power and not because he’s an alchemist? If so, that would be a shame.He possesses an immense Soul Power after all.”

In the distance, many alchemists gathered to watch the tournament.

Seeing that James had not begun concocting his elixir, they were puzzled.

James, on the other hand, was not in a hurry.He was currently regulating his condition.

One’s condition was the most crucial of all when it came to concocting an elixir, n.ovelebook so being in a good condition would facilitate the process.

In his surroundings, the other alchemists had begun concocting their elixir.

All sorts of alchemy furnaces and flames appeared around him.

The crowd was dazzled and stunned by the myriad performances of the alchemists.

James remained in his seat.

He closed his eyes and tried his best to regulate his condition.

This confused not just the crowd, but even Daley.

Puzzled, he glanced at Myrddin and asked, “Myrddin, what is that youngster doing? The others have already begun.So why hasn’t he?”

Myrddin said, “He’s regulating his condition.”



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