The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2903

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2903-Daley was confused.

Myrddin explained, “To ensure the quality of their elixirs, some powerful alchemists will regulate their condition before the concoction process.Some will even enter a closed-door meditation to ensure they are in peak form before concocting their elixir.”

Hearing this, Daley asked, “Could he be a powerful alchemist?”

Myrddin shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

James shut his eyes and relaxed his mind.

Time gradually passed.

Even though the others were close to completing their first elixir, he had not yet begun.

Meanwhile, not too far away, the woman had finished her first elixir.She carefully stored the concocted elixir away and returned to choose her herbs.

The woman was prepared to concoct elixirs of an even higher grade.

At that moment, James completely relaxed.

He stopped observing the other alchemists and summoned his Martial Alchemy Furnace.

Swoosh! A light materialized, and the Martial Alchemy Furnace appeared before him.

The alchemy furnace was huge, around a hundred meters in diameter and thirty meters in height.

There were mysterious linear characters inscribed on its bronze surface.

These mysterious characters seemed to have a life of their own, constantly flickering and flashing.

As soon as the Martial Alchemy Furnace appeared, a primordial power swept through, overwhelming everything in its path.

The surrounding alchemists all felt the immense power, and under its suppression, their bodies unconsciously staggered backward.


All of them were stunned.

“what a powerful alchemy furnace!”

“What rank is that alchemy furnace?”

“I don’t know, but it must be above the Divine Rank.”

Everyone was shocked.

Though they knew about the Divine Rank alchemy furnace, they had not heard of an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace.

An Emperor Rank alchemy furnace represented an Emperor Rank alchemist.

To become an Emperor Rank alchemist, one would first have to become an Emperor.

However, not every Emperor would be an Emperor Rank alchemist, and not every Emperor Rank alchemist would have an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace.

Upon seeing James summon the alchemy furnace, Daley who was in his seat glanced at Myrddin and asked, “Myrddin, what rank is that alchemy furnace? Why do I sense the aura of an Emperor from that furnace?”

Myrddin stared at the alchemy furnace James summoned.

At that moment, he furrowed his eyebrows, his expression full of disbelief.

As a Divine Rank alchemist, he had witnessed many things.

Though he had never seen an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace, he could tell that the alchemy furnace James summoned was an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace.


He took a deep breath and uttered a single word.

An Emperor Rank alchemy furnace was simply too terrifying.

There were many Emperors and n.ovelebook Emperor Rank alchemists in the Boundless Realm.

However, never had an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace appeared before.

Even the Master of the Medicine Pavilion had a Quasi- Emperor alchemy furnace.

Myrddin never expected there to be an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace in the Stardust Realm.

At that moment, he had to suppress the urge to rush over to James’ side and take a good look at the Emperor Rank alchemy furnace.


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